Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Always an Adventure

Well, Dan and I flew out this morning for Wake Forrest for my appointment with Dr Glenn Lesser, and my inaugural meeting with Take The Fight.

Unfortunately, Dan and I are sitting on a plane on the tarmac in a city named Rockport, IL (or some name like that). We were in a holding pattern for almost two hours, and now exist among almost 20 other grounded airplanes, refueling, at this airport alone waiting to be allowed to fly into Ohare. Apparently, though not much of a shock, there is a hovering electrical storm (pretty scary storms around the country these days). We have missed our connecting flight, and since all incoming flights were not allowed to land for the past few hours, I can only imagine that when we do get to Chicago the connections are going to be a complete nightmare. 

Well shoot. At least we're near the bathrooms and I'm next to Danny :) The flight does not have a single empty seat, it's a mess in here, but storms don't last forever and eventually we'll make it. And if we have to stay in Chicago, that'll fun too! Nothing like an adventure with the guy I love. Except he's getting really hungry. Of course this is the one flight where I didn't pack snacks. Such a fool!!

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  1. oh no.....geez Louise....gosh darn.....


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