Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Kaal!

Before I forget, JAG, I was laughing out loud about the splattered butterfly on your car and thank you for the amazing DCVax article. So exciting! I've been trying to remember to keep tabs and I'm thrilled that things are moving forward. How hopeful!! This could be HUGE for brain cancer survival.

And on to the news of the day, Happy 35th Birthday to my big brother Kaal! I know people always say that their brother is the best, but if you know Kaal, you know how lucky I am. He is gentle, funny, and patient - smart, kind, and such a cutie. He's awesome, and I love him very, very much!

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    Jessica, if you ever do the DCVax trial, my former brain surgeon (see link above) just rolled into town in Seattle. If you can get an appointment with him, his advice is spot on. I wish I had an in with him to try and get you one there, but as you can see from his resume, he is a pretty busy guy.
    Glad that butterfly comment got a laugh out of you, sometimes you just need to give a cancer patient a boot in the behind to snap back out of it.


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