Monday, May 13, 2013


This weekend was one of those weekends that will forever remain imprinted in my mind. It was filled with laughter, and sunshine, and adventures, which recharged me in a way I didn't realize I needed.

It all started with this......a four leaf clover!

On Saturday, Jules, Dan and I spent the day in the sun solving the problems of the world. Aaah to be a fly on the wall for THOSE ridiculously awesome conversations :) I would have recorded, but I didn't want to incriminate myself.

On Sunday Dan and I were lucky to be gifted tickets to the M's game (couldn't trick him into getting a photo of him or both of us so he took this one). It was amazing, the weather was perfect and the game was all about mothers which made me really happy. What a fun holiday! Mother's and Father's Days are both such great days. I love watching people with their kids, I love seeing families come together in whatever way they tend to come together. I love thinking of my girlfriends - and my guy friends - and their little kids. It makes me smile, and feel happy. There was a time when I used to be jealous, but that was short lived.

Feeling revived, and full of energy, this morning I began tackling household chores which always make me feel accomplished. Then, hunger got the best of me and since Dan had taken me shopping for all of the ingredients, I tried a new recipe for the restricted ketogenic diet. It was interesting, the recipe, the process, and the result. I am a big fan of baking and although it is nothing like a real muffin, it is a muffin while eaten in the appropriate diet, it is wonderful and will not feed my tumor. I'm excited about this whole ketogenic diet (emphasis on restricted). This diet is not like a typical ketogenic diet, these recipes are a specific ratio. Each recipe is 4:1:1 - that is 4 fat: 1 carb: 1 protein. The diet is incredibly strict which requires the weighing of all ingredients, but I'm okay with that. It's not as bad as it sounds. I prefer to look at it like I'm allergic to sugar and carbs and if I ingest too much of either it will be very bad. The cool thing is that there are snacks - homemade baked goods - that travel well and have the exact calorie amounts (we already know the ratio). If I freeze items this is going to be easier than I imagined; I just need to get to baking and freezing. Assembly line anyone???

The recipes are complicated though.

And delicate because they are so often using whipped egg whites.

As for the delicate recipe, and the delicate muffins, this not so delicate woman ate two delicious muffins. The first one I thought was good, but I wasn't sure....the second one...oh yesss, that one made me a believer! I thought to myself, I can do this.


  1. Just want to say life is really what we make it. Make it as happy as you can everyday. Do not waste chances for laughter and being silly. Life is all about moments, moments all strung together. Take your time, life is not a race, treasure and savor it!! You are a gifted writer, and just your words bring joy, thank you for sharing with us :-)


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