Monday, May 20, 2013

Little RKD Engine

Great news, my blood glucose and ketone levels are almost in the zone! According to Thomas Seyfried's book, my blood glucose needs to be between 55-65 and ketones ideally between 4-6. My blood glucose has been consistently been at 66, 67 and the highest I've been with the ketones has been 2.6, so I'm getting there! It's very exciting!! Living on the restricted ketogenic diet isn't as bad as I thought. I'm 5'7 and currently 135 (I keep losing weight). I eat 1200 calories a day, and 80% of those calories are from fat. You'd think it would be disgusting, but it's actually pretty awesome. I just freshly ground some decaf coffee beans, and created a delicious morning drink with two tablespoons of heavy whipping cream. Yum! Who gets to do something like that? This girl! :) I'm able to eat/drink very rich foods and since the amounts are so restricted, I feel great. I feel satiated. Some days, I do get really hungry, but when that happens I eat a little extra protein or veggies. I want to be successful with this diet, to turn it into a lifestyle, and if I'm miserable it will all fall apart. I stay within the boundaries (80% fat & only 20 grams of carbs) most of the time, but I will not be ridiculous, stressed out, or miserable. That's no kind of life.

It feels wonderful to be succeeding on this restricted ketogenic diet. And, although I don't run any longer, I have thoroughly enjoyed my new hobby of walking. Can walking be a hobby or is it an activity? Well, whatever you call it, I like it. Just yesterday, for the first time, Dan and I walked the Lake Union loop. It was a spectacular day to enjoy the six miles. I kind of tricked poor Danny though, I thought it was only a five mile loop, then as we were parking I googled the map and realized it was actually six miles. I knew that final mile might be too much for him mentally, so I didn't tell him. Then after a while, Dan started to figure it out. He grabbed me, threw me up in the air, then pinned me to his chest and tickled the heck out of me. It made me laugh so hard. I LOVE tricking him because somehow never expects it. He makes me so happy :)

Here's a few cute little geese from the walk. I wanted to try and snuggle them, but they were more interested in eating, and papa goose was eyeballing me with his seriously ominous beak. Goose was not interested in becoming friends.

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