Friday, September 30, 2011

First Solo Metro Experience

Things I've learned living in/about Greenlake:
1. There are as many dogs as people
2. Dogs don't mind wearing soiled poop bags on their back as long as they get to go outside
3. Dressing up is wearing Lululemon
4. One out of two drivers stop for pedestrians (a great ratio for the city)
5. People smile when you walk/jog by
6. Bus routes are convinent to get into the city, or anywhere else you need to go

So far, this neighborhood is perfect for me. I am officially in love.

Our house is a complete disaster zone, although better by the hour.

We live one block from a bus route and three blocks to another. This afternoon I am going to attack the metro to get to my doctor appointment on Capital Hill. I am nervous and excited to navigate the city alone. We'll see how it goes! It had been sunny and warm, but the clouds are rolling in. I might be walking in the rain. I guess it's now or never - maybe it's best I just jump in and get my feet wet :) It's going to be raining indefinitely for the next 10 months anyway. I kid, I kid - I'm sure there'll be a few rainless cloudy days too.


  1. I love the islands, but I am officially jealous (; Good luck on getting around--we took the Metro several times to get into the city, and it was great. I bet by next week you'll be a pro!
    P.S. The other cool thing about Greenlake is that you'll start to recognize people, sorta like Friday Harbor.

  2. What time are you done with your appointment? I live up on the hill and need to go to Gregg's Cycle in Greenlake today. Perhaps I could give you a ride back if you don't want to deal with the bus. Shoot me an email on facebook.

    Jeff Diffner


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