Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Enjoying Life's Pulse

We should have the keys to our new place in Greenlake in two weeks. Fun! This move signifies freedom for me. I will be able to walk all over the place running errands. It's literally thrilling. My heart starts going crazy just thinking I'll be able to take care of myself, and the daily things for Danny and I. It has been painful to be stuck in our Wenatchee home, isolated from humans (other than my parents and the friends that stop by). I can entertain myself, I like to listen to music or do things around the house, but there's something about being around people in public, looking at life as it goes by. It's fun. It's therapeutic and magnificent. Life has such an amazing pulse, it's in humans, in pets, in the animals in nature, trees, plants, bugs, even the wind - and when it's all combined, when you look around, it's a lifeblood.

Breakfast On The Patio

I've already been packing for a few hours this morning, but it's time for a breakfast break. I toasted a piece of Dave's Killer Bread, sprinkled an egg with loads of turmeric, and chopped a clove of garlic for the top, and I've got my broccoli tea. I would have added sprouts on top of the toast, but I'm fresh out. It might sound like a crazy meal, but it's delicious and full of cancer fighting elements. Turmeric is insanely important to fight cancer, it's right up there with the brassica family.

I think the hardest part about dealing with cancers and tumors is the diet. There are so many different voices from specialists and they definitely don't all agree. Each illness varies, with the exception of sugar. Sugar feeds cancers and tumors. Sugar is incredibly bad for you. The dispute falls between the doctors that believe that all sugar is the same, and others who still recommend fruit in the diet. (The doctors who recommend removing fruit from the diet exchange the fruit for supplements to get the essential antioxidants and other benefits from the fruits without the sugar.) Some strongly believe that not only breads, pastas, and rice need to be avoided, they also want whole grains out of the diet. I just know that I can't live without some whole grains, so I'm still including healthy whole grains, but keeping the carbs as a small portion of my overall diet.

The brain tumor suggestions for diet is a complete mind game. It's tricky, it's frustrating, and if you over analyze each piece of food, every meal, looking for failure, it will make you crazy. It's impossible to overlook diet, it's the number one way to try and slow the tumor growth but I still have days when I eat poorly. In fact, for the first time, Danny and I went camping. I hung out with our friends eating Cheetos, and Polish sausages, but I'm still sick from all of the bad food. That's the thing that's crazy. If you eat really healthily, if you take a day or weekend off, you will pay for it. When I woke up on Sunday, all I wanted was a cabbage salad. Sounds weird, but my body was craving the crunch and the way I feel after I eat it. 

Our First Camping Trip


  1. Jesse, won't you be living near Bastyr Center for Natural Health? You already sound like a nutritionist, why not become one? Your B.A. or B.S. could easily shave off booku credits you'd need. I'll be your first patient! xoxo

  2. Jessica ~
    I'm so exctied for your move to Greenlake! You will love it. We lived there for 6 years before moving back to Wenatchee. It is the most perfect neighborhood.... Greenlake, Uvillage & Arboretum are so so close and the life and people there magnificent. I went to the lake every day after our daughter was born for 5 months straight, it was wonderful. Say hello to the Spanish lessons man at greenlake:)
    Thinking of you and wishing you a great move.

  3. Hi Jess! Just dropping by to see that pretty smile and gets some words of wisdom.....I know you have a big peanut gallery telling you all sorts of health advise....add me to the gallery! I was just reading about ginger and the incredible health benefits and cancer fighting power! Fresh grated ginger tea daily....delicious and good for you! Kisses to you and Danny...xoxo Juniper


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