Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Becoming A Mossback

Well. Things changed again. I never started taking the new pill. When we picked up the new prescription the woman behind the counter said, "That will be $192 please." I looked at her wide eyed, and quickly asked her if I HAD to buy it. Fortunately, she was incredibly kind, and said absolutely not. She recommended that I contact my doctor and ask for a different, more affordable drug (for the record $192 was just the portion that I had to pay out of pocket, the full price tag for the drugs for those without insurance was almost five hundred dollars. Yuck).

I have yet to contact Dr Graham. I'm so over this stupid anti-seizure debacle. It's never ending. Right now our lives crazy anyway. I'm sorry to drop this news over the blog instead of talking to everyone in person, but it's too hard to contact everyone. Danny got a job back in the elevator/escalator trade so we're moving back to Seattle! It's a fantastic job, and I'm excited to watch this next phase of our lives unfold.

Within the past five days Dan got a job, started safety training, we researched places to live (we already knew the areas we wanted to live), found the perfect place, and signed a lease. We move in on October 1st. It is a 6 minute walk from our new home to a PCC Natural Market. It's also a fifteen minute walk to the library. To save the best part for last, we will be living one block from Greenlake where we can walk on the trail. We get to have our dog Emma, and cat Stella. It's very exciting! Obviously, it's going to be incredibly hard to move away from my parents, and all of my amazing Wenatchee friends, but we will come back to Wenatchee often, and our friends will always be welcome in our guestroom.

It's going to be a healthy lifestyle change for us, this new move. I'm trilled that we have the opportunity to walk for groceries, and books. I can't wait to link my hand in Danny's, grab Emma and walk on the lake path. Our new little home has a communal garden which I can weed and eventually contribute to, and I'm thrilled to learn about the plants living on the wet side of the mountains, it's a whole new zone. This home is such a gift! What an amazing opportunity! Now I will be able to walk everywhere. I will have foot freedom!! WOO HOO!!! I had been very isolated since I could no longer drive. I feel a huge weight off my heart. I'm ready to explore and test my limits. Maybe, eventually, I'll even find a way to get from our place to my oncologist's office through the bus routes. I've only ridden a city bus once (thank you Auten, that was fun!), but I want to become independent again. As long as I don't have a stinking seizure in public. That would be embarrassing.

As for the anti-seizure medication challenge, I'm taking a break. I'll still keep taking my current drug to appease my oncologist, but if things worsen I'll contact her and try again. It's tough. Danny and I talked about the whole medication issue again last night and he strongly feels like my current drug is not a viable solution. But what do you do when things are so busy, life is changing quickly, there's packing to do and a move across the mountains. We still need to maintain daily life, and I feel like on this medicine alone I'm barely keeping my head above water. Additional medication might cause me to sink. Sometimes it's simply a fact of bad timing and if we do too much at once, at this point, I might explode. I guess Divalproex is going to have to be a stop-gap. We will revisit the anti-seizure medication next month. In the meantime I think I'll try to do some extra meditation. It couldn't hurt.


  1. "So Cal" PattiSeptember 5, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    INCREDIBLE NEWS- I am SO happy for you both!!! What a blessing to have all these positive things come together at once- a job for Danny, a nice home and access to so many things by walking! You certainly deserve it! Hopefully once you get settled the stress will be reduced and you won't even need those awful seizure meds! That is my prayer for you!

  2. This is fantastic!!! I am stoked for you guys. I am available to help you pack if you need it. Doing a little happy dance at my desk for you. HUGS! Sara

  3. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Si, si and oui, oui and yes in every other language.

  4. YEAH!!! Puts a smile on my face knowing that things are moving forward for both of you. Congratulations on the job Danny. Congrats on the move. Greenlake is beautiful, I had a friend that lived there and we have fond memories of eating pizza and walking around the lake. Good luck with the move. You two have made some great choices. Good work. Good choice on the meds went with your gut, I think that is very important. So happy for you two!!
    Hugs, Leisa

  5. Sounds like an exciting move. So happy for you guys. If it's the area that I'm thinking, you'll be close to my grandma. I love the area. Everything really is accessable by walking or the bus. I loved living there while I went to UW. I have amazing memories and still love the area.


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