Friday, September 23, 2011

Crab Apple Kitty

Stella is in kitty cat heaven. At the vet's office, she was gently given a sedative and she walked into my lap. She relaxed, and when it was time, I laid her down onto a blanket. They injected her rear leg so that I could pet her head. I laid my face onto the table, and looked into her eyes. I told her how wonderful she was and what a good girl she was being. I watched the light go out of her eyes, and although I was sobbing, it was a relief to know that she wasn't in pain any longer.

It's amazing how quickly health can deteriorate. Yesterday was the first time I've watched life go out of a body. It was not easy. All I can hope is that when I die, I will have someone petting my head, looking me in the eyes and telling me kind things.

It wasn't just me with Stella yesterday, it was also my mom and dad. We all cried. We all loved her. I couldn't help them, I didn't have it in me, but they buried her underneath their crab apple tree. It's a befitting location since she was also known as a big B to so many. My mom always laughed that I would call her Pretty Pretty Princess. Stella was a tough, sassy, sharp clawed time bomb that was not safe around children or most adults. But to me, she was my tame little kitten.

1 comment:

  1. You gave Stella a wonderful send off. I'm so glad your mom and dad could be with you. May I speak for Stella and say Thanks mom. You are the best!


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