Sunday, October 2, 2011

Racing The Bus

Metro was a success! Our place is less than a ten minute walk to the downtown bus stop. I came with my pockets jingling with change, and my heart racing. I was excited and nervous. So much so, that when the bus was driving through downtown Seattle I hopped off a bit early. Like eight blocks. Oops. I was scared to pull the cord to stop the bus so I just followed some people and hopped off the steps.

The best part is that as I was walking, the bus kept dropping people off, then stopping for lights. I was going back and forth racing the bus for at least two blocks. It was hilarious and slightly embarrassing. When I told him what happened, Danny said I shouldn't be embarrassed, but instead I should be proud that I kept up with the bus. Of course, he was laughing hysterically when he said it. It's ok though, I was blushing and giggling at myself as I wandered through the streets of Seattle, headed to Capital Hill. It was one way to learn the city, I guess :)

Dr appointment went well. They're getting my pathology for a second opinion and then they'll book the procedure. The doctor was absolutely fabulous, Dr Miller at Virginia Mason. I lucked out and was randomly booked with him. If anyone needs to meet with a dermatologist, he's incredibly kind, intelligent, and to the point, a great combo.


  1. If you have an iPhone, I HIGHLY recommend the One Bus Away app. It allows you to track Metro buses (like to see how soon till they arrive at your stop), plus you can see their entire routes. With the GPS on iPhones, it's easy to follow the bus' progress to make sure you get off at the right stop. :) There's also a website, but it's not as handy as the app. Congrats on your first Metro trips! :)

  2. I want to come chase the bus with you! It could be part of my "Baby Weight Loss Plan". ;) I'm so happy that you're mobile again!


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