Monday, August 9, 2010

Thirty Candles

Sorry I've been unable for the past several days. Life has been overwhelmingly amazing. My thirtieth birthday has come and gone, and now I can finally say, "I'm thirty!" Here's a few photos of the highlights...

The night before my 30th birthday I was invited up to Jessaca's lake house for a girls night. When I walked up to the front door, I saw perfectly lined up running shoes. Such a cute welcome sign! 

In the morning, we woke up to yoga on the dock. The perfect way to start my 30th year. Fresh fruit, delicious muffins, beautiful view, and fantastic company.

For my birthday dinner, my parents, Danny and I went to a local-ish winery over in Quincy. It was absolutely gorgeous. You can't beat fresh, local ingredients. Non to mention the amazing cursive! What was four chocolate covered strawberries are now just the stems. I had each of us take a strawberry and we silently made a wish while we ate them.

The next morning, I got to see little Isla, my niece. I'm more excited than she is, but I'm ok with that. She's my little buddy. Just like her auntie Jessie, her favorite saying is, "More that!"

On Saturday, Danny, my brother and I drove over to Seattle. Since I was 25 and I saw the movie, The Wedding Date (with Deborah Messing), I've wanted to dress up in golf attire for my 30th birthday. But, ever since things have been so crazy with the surgery, I hadn't been wanting to do a big celebration. Danny (being the smart man that he is) got a party together and surprised me. He told me that there was another couple that was going to join us in golf outfits, and that was all he would tell me. I thought, maybe, we were going to hit up a driving range (I've never been to one, in fact, I've never even been to play golf), and then maybe do dinner. Boy was I wrong.

Danny searched high and low for the perfect cupcakes. I'm addicted to the television show Cupcake Wars. I love all the colors, and the different flavor combinations. Mini cakes are fantastic - you can take a bite and pass them to a friend - everyone gets to pick their favorite. They were the talk of the night, and for that matter, the next morning. 

Here's a group photo. Unfortunately, since some people were coming and going, and others were visiting, or dancing, we are definitely missing some of the golfers. I'm going to see if I can name everyone that should be in the photo but is missing...just like a little memory game....

Not shown: Jessaca, Amy, Caleb, Jessie, Jennifer, Trevor, Max, Hanibal, Rachel, Matt, Mark....I know I'm missing some, but it was pretty hectic.

The night was amazing, I had a blast. I can't believe that my brother, Courtney, and Libbey came all the way from Friday Harbor, and that so many people came all the way from Wenatchee, even from Poulsbo. I loved having my friends from all over in one location! What a man, that Danny would put such a thing together. I know several friends couldn't make it, since they live in other cities, and further still in other countries, but I know that all of my friends that couldn't be there were still there in spirit. I felt incredibly loved, and cherished.

Cheers to my 30th year. No matter what I face in the coming 12 months I know I have the love and support from more people than I'd ever even imagine. My safety net.


  1. BRAVO! xooxoxox

  2. "So Cal" PattiAugust 9, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    What a fabulous birthday celebration!!! The tears rolled down my face as I read this and looked at all of the pictures of you surrounded by loving friends and family! And Danny is so special to have planned the party! All of those people love you and realize how spectacular you are! You have so much support from people near and far- just keep up the positive good work that you are doing everyday. The next time I have a strawberry I will make a wish for you too. And I think that your hair looks darling short in the picture with Isla!

  3. So happy for you!!
    Love, Leisa


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