Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moving Mountains

This weekend, friends of ours got married. The bride is a true inspiration.

During a 20 week program, she lost 70 lbs. Amazing.

That's what a determined woman can do. Move mountains.

Encouraged by her dedication, Danny and I went to the gym just minutes after we got home from the trip. For the first time in years I reacquainted myself with lunges and squats. Instead of just running, I'm doing all kinds of strength training. I'm determined to transform my body as much as possible before October 12th, my next MRI. My goal is to cherish my body, and turn it into a well oiled tumor fighting machine. The stronger my body becomes, the better. I'm going to fight this disease from all angles, with my body, my mind, and my spirit. I'm going to move mountains.


  1. Actually, you already have, but keep up that attitude.

  2. i agree... you already have!!!!!! your attitude and strength is AMAZING! love you big sis. xoxoxo

  3. It's like Vince Lombardi said:
    "It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up."
    Jesse, we know you're a getter-upper!!!


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