Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Mother Load

I was wandering around my patio today, when I saw a huge bumblebee. Curious, I followed him toward my garden and watched him jump (not literally - he flew) from flower to flower, clearly favoring the hollyhocks. The little fatty was visiting each flower, grabbing the pollen and rubbing it all over his body. Truly, he was using his arms to shove pollen all over his back, legs and arms; it was adorable. I instantly realized that I would have looked something similar if I found Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, which of course made me laugh out loud (and then I had to find Danny to show him). The big guy had found the mother load. Pretty fun for both of us.

On a side note, I jogged for the first time!!!! Although, some might not count it as jogging since it was only a 14 minute mile (and I only did 1/2 mile), but I'm taking it easy. I'm thinking I'll start slowly training for a 10K for the end of September, just before my next MRI. I know it's almost disgusting to love running that much, but it makes me feel free. I don't have a headache yet, the truth will come out tomorrow. Cross your fingers!


  1. The Salmon Run 10K in Leavenworth is September 19. Does that fit your schedule? It starts the same place as the Oktoberfest Half, runs on the x-country ski trails behind the fish hatchery and then up Icicle Road a ways. That same nasty hill they make you do in the half. But anyway, here is the link: http://www.mtstuartpt.com/content/events . They don't have the form online right now, but my mom said they are working on it. I will be there. Hope to see you! :-) Oh, they also do a 5K. And great picture of the bumble bee.


  2. Fingers crossed. Fantastic photo. xoxoxox

  3. I need to plan a race in the next couple/few months to get motivated too. Let me know which one you decide on doing and maybe I can join you! Maybe we can be training partners again. - Megan

  4. Gorgeous photo, nice job. I heard Billy Jo Armstrong (lead singer of Green Day)say this phrase and I thought of you:


    I immediately thought of you--nice sail setting Jess. Enjoy the ride.

    Hugs, Leisa Redelsperger

  5. "So Cal" PattiJuly 14, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    Hi Jessica- I haven't written in a couple days because I am older and your new sight with the birds, as pretty as it is, somehow makes it hard for me to read the text. I agree with the comments on the beautiful photo above and I like the phrase that Leisa put on here from Green Day. You are doing a remarkable job and are an inspiration to many of us!!!

  6. I cannot believe you ran!!! That is amazing amazing UH-mazing. You are still just weeks out of back to back brain surgeries. Good grief, Jess. If that's not inspiration, nothing is! So you're telling me I need to quit my freaking out about my first half in November?? A 10k!!!!? Unreal. You are unreal. Keep in mind, my dear friend, that your 14 min mile is not too far off my best time. ;) I wish you could know how much you are giving to all of us by just being and sharing who you are. And I love the chocolate factory reference. Amen to finding that place one of these days!!!! ;) And also, headaches be gone!!! Wow, talk about jumpy. I know you get it though!! Love you, wonder woman!

  7. I can totally imagine you bathing yourself in chocolate at Wonka's! Dre took a picture of me literally pressing my nose in the cracks of the glass display of a fountain of chocolate in Vegas. It smelled AMAZING!!


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