Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mother Daughter Day

Sorry for the lack of posting - life has been insanely busy.

On Friday, I spent the entire day with my mom. Halfway through the day something hit a note and triggered a nerve. For the first time since my diagnosis my mom and I shared good old sob for about an hour.

It was therapeutic, and yet scary. My mom is always trying to be the strong one, and it's hard see her with so much fear, and pain in her eyes.

This brain tumor is incredibly hard on my's hard on everyone around me.

The day was so emotionally exhausting that I didn't document the day with a photo. I know that I could have taken several different photos, but it wouldn't have been sincere. The whole point of this idea is to find things that help me experience new things, and noticing things around me that bring me joy. I should have just taken a photo of my mom, because I saw my mom in a different light that day. She's quite strong, and yet very fragile at the same time. 

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps it's Enlightenment, profound moments that come out of the blue. What an opportunity to be as real as one can ever be. You both are so special to share such love and pain. xoxo


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