Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Decision To Try


Last night, feeling exhausted yet restless, Danny and I headed to the gym. I warned Dan that I wasn't really sure if I could last long, and he said, "Hey, even if we only go for 30 minutes, at least we went."

Once I got on the treadmill for a twelve minute warm up I started feeling better. My legs started stretching out and I started jogging. Before I knew it I was hitting the cool down period because I had reached 60 minutes. I can't believe I jogged four miles! It was a nice pace, 12 minute miles, and no headaches! I've decided that the easier the pace the longer I can run. I'm not pushing it, just listening to my body. 

On the way home from the gym I saw this quote on the avenue. I thought it was absolutely hilarious that my inspiration was up on a sign above a burger joint. What a simple, yet profound thought. As we drove home I realized that all I'm doing is just putting one foot in front of the next and it's working. I still haven't given up even when things are hard. I'm proud of myself. I still want a shirt that says, "I don't just have a bad hair cut, I'm surviving a tumor." Just for the record :)


  1. Jessie, I'm laughing right now because I always look to see what's on Dusty's sign board because it's usually something simple but right to the point. I work with a doctor who lost a child a few years ago under very difficult circumstances and he has a thought process going on about embracing the pain....meaning that you embrace the feeling you have without fear and that the feelings loose their power over you. My feeling is don't cover up a thing......that would include your head, your sadness, your confusion, your hope, your gratitude, your anger.........don't waste any energy making sure people around you are feeling good or comfortable or whatever. Might sound selfish but it isn't at all. love you, Jennifer

  2. Four miles??? 60 minutes??? I couldn't run like that on my best day! K. I'm going to the gym NOW!

  3. I thought it is a 20 minute mile to shoot for, so a 12 minute mile is damn good! Bravo. xoxoxo


  5. My grandmother used to visit every summer for my birthday, which is so close to yours! Do you remember her? Her name is Marian. She's about
    The sweetest lady ever. I have a picture of us, our moms, and Grandma Marian pointing at a shoe scramble--some kind of game from a birthday party. Anyway... This grandmother has always embraced the idea of positive thinking. Rather, the idea that your thoughts have the power to transform your life. Knd of the se idea as that book The Secret. I trust this grandmother, her belief, and the idea that YOU can get through this. And I'm sending you love, often. The best kind, from the oldest of friends. Love, Kristin Bigsby White

  6. "So Cal" PattiJuly 22, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    I love this post! Your writing is so real and full of expression. I have always felt that the answers sometimes come in the small signs- the heart you showed on a metal box, this message on the billboard, etc. The answers are out there- just let them flow to you! Very excited to hear that you are getting back into the physical activities that you enjoy with no headaches! You ARE going to make it and prosper! Survive and Thrive! That is my daily wish for you!!!


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