Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bunny Happy Hour

I'm embarrassed. I've been cranky and negative. The worst part is that I've been feeling sorry for myself. That's embarrassing! It's not about the tumor, it's about how the tumor has effected my life. I miss running, I miss being active, I miss driving, I miss having hair, I miss my pants fitting, blah blah blah. I've been mourning my life, and now I'm fed up of my own whining.

Soooooo, I wrote down all the yoga classes at my gym and I'm going to start doing yoga. Yay! I'm waiting to get cleared for some more active exercising, but at least this has to start somewhere. I'm not going to lie, it's hard to hold back because I miss getting the runner's high, but I have to start doing something or I'll start kicking puppies.

By the way, I have some very good news. Danny and I sat on the patio at the warehouse apartment and watched stars two nights ago. Apparently, happy hour for bunnies is just after dusk. It is a cotton tail paradise all over our back parking area, big bunnies, little bunnies, bunnies doing indos and stoppies (like a little motorcycle that pops up on its front tire), the bunnies were going CRAZY! I knew there was something going on when I realized my plants were mysteriously losing their leaves. The Stewie clan is alive and well! To celebrate, I'm going to hit the plant store to buy a few of their favorite flavors!


  1. I just wrote like four paragraphs and was closing up my words when I made a typo... I hit backspace three times and the browser jumped back three pages and lost my damn comment. Wes

  2. You make me smile!!! Leave it to you to think about the bunnies and what they would like to eat! You are a sweetie, way to see the bright side Jessica. I hope you can enjoy your yoga very soon : )
    The Redelsperger Family

  3. Yay!!! I love bunnies on parade! Let me know when you plan on going to Yoga, I may be up for a class or two. It would be great motivation to get to the gym, I'd get to see your sunny face!
    Love, Sarah

  4. Jessica:
    You totaly cracked me up with this blog. If you miss the yoga and need to kick a dog let me know I have a stuffed one who won't mind. Your rabbits will love the fact you are going to get their favorite flavors. You better get ready for the influx of rabbits! I seen some heading south past our guess is the heard the good news about the free lettuce!! Keep smiling girl!

  5. Jesse,

    Are you naming the herd? Argula, romaine, iceberg, parsley. Could be fun . . . xoxoxoxo

    Although being they like dusk maybe names like Big Dipper, Little Dipper . . . xoxoxox


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