Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rainy Run

This morning, Emma and I swapped our 11:00 am walk for an 11:00 am jog, and it was glorious. It dumped rain, and all I could think about was how pleased my plants must be, Seattle has been much too dry for my poor little green guys.

I'm still honing my diet, and although it takes a lot analysis (low carb vs paleo vs keto vs restricted or a combo of a few), I think I'm really starting to figure out what's going to best for me, and easiest for me to succeed which, of course, is paramount. If a lifestyle or diet is too difficult to maintain, what's the point?

It was so much fun jogging today, it was the first run around the lake with just Emma and I in several months. What a gift. Running helps me think. Somehow when I walk it just doesn't clear my mind, or trigger those endorphins. Walking feels like a job, a chore, and jogging feels like a gift. I probably sound like an oddball, but heck, we all have to find our joy in life, and for me it's jogging. I don't want to feel like I'm constantly trying to delay my death, trick by trick, even though technically that's what I'm trying to do. I focus so much on treatments, supplements, research, MRIs, trips to doctors, contacting research institutions, emailing hospitals for possible clinical trials, now taking the venom several times a day - inevitably, I just need breaks. I realize that jogging will raise my blood glucose, therefore feeding the brain tumor, but I guess I've come to the conclusion that it's a necessary evil. I figure it's better for my psyche that I run, than to feel disconnected to society, to Mother Nature, and most of all myself. Like I keep saying, I don't just want to be alive, I want to live.

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  1. O, the balancing act... It's not easy for sure. I think you are doing pretty well for your situation. Keep hanging on there. I'm fighting (literally) right alongside you! --The other brain-tumor, Jessica.


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