Monday, September 23, 2013

I Love A Good Pun

After a billion phone calls, and emails, a few dialed-in dates, then a few fall-throughs, we have solidified all four UCLA appointments. Phew! Now we can book our flights and figure out where we're staying. Dan insists on taking off work to join me, which is going to be really nice. Just holding his hand lowers my stress levels. 

Also, today, my aunt Anne took me to a new dermatologist. (I like to shop around for doctors as you well know.) I really liked this woman, but of course she found five new moles that she wanted to biopsy. (I politely declined.) I don't know how to handle this new world of skinning people alive. Is it necessary?

Truthfully, I can't take on another area of my life that demands so much attention, it's frying my brain. I think I'm going to table the whole "mole" situation for a bit.

When I got home from the dermatologist, and spent some time with my badass aunt, I noticed that my blood results were back. Things look mostly good, except for high serum phosphorus and low serum alkaline phosphatase. Oh, and of course a maddingly high cholesterol level. What the heck?!? Apparently that whole low carb thing didn't make me immune as the experts say. Bollocks. 

I'll be talking to the doctors over the phone in the morning and they'll explain all the bloody results. For now I will rest, which will be easy to do after my food coma. I made us my favorite dinner tonight, pure comfort food...

Shirataki (yam - no carb) noodles
Chicken breast 
Coconut milk (full fat)
Chili powder
Granada curry
Fresh cracked pepper
Purple onion

It's my figgitty fav dinner. Simmer the chicken in the coconut milk with all the spices until the meat is cooked. Remove the chicken breast. Add the broc, gar, and red.o and cook for a few with the noodles. Then dish up, piling on the fresh chopped cilantro to garnish. Piece of chicken if you know what I mean. It's easy, and delicious. Don't skimp on the spices though, that's what I recommend. 

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  1. Mmmmm yum that looks delish! That's not too bad for your blood results is it? Let me know how you get on when you talk to them?

    Keep smiling


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