Friday, September 13, 2013

Angry Squirrels

My independent, stubborn leg will not stop me from slogging around the lake. Neither will squirrels throwing pine cones. (I swear it almost happened once.) Nor will birds with incredible aim. I once heard that being hit by bird poop was good luck, but I'll bet that the saying is just to make people feel better. Kind of like rain on your wedding day. Either way, it's pretty hilarious! I'm pretty sure the poop was for Emma. I'm just saying....


  1. Glad you could get outside today! Jess

  2. Ha ha it is good luck! I got hit in the head once with bird poo DISGUSTING! Just read your other post - don't be worrying its just your body having a break and making you feel like you can't do anything but rest. I promise you its a glitch and you will get back to norm! This is not you on a downward spiral - honestly if you could see me I fall down, bang into walls, slur like a drunk and hey they say I'm better!

    You need to keep well remember I'm visiting next year and you need to take me running around the lake.

    Big hugs

  3. I thought the same thing until I got pooped on three times within one week and then the magic happened. :) Also always a good story.


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