Monday, September 30, 2013

Busy Bee

Just got home from my first hyperbaric oxygen treatment. It was AMAZING. I know the research out there pairing it with cancer killing can be very subjective but I don't care because it felt like an hour long meditation. What's good for the mind is what's good for the soul is what's good for the body. Below is the exact HC I used. 

The conference on Friday was fabulous. (In general, life has been superb.) Cheryl Broyels is an angel on Earth, witty, and gentle. I wish we were neighbors and could spend more time together. Tied in 1st place (next to Cheryl) is the ever impressive Dr Ben Williams. Holy cow is he a hilarious, intuitive, rogue cancer fighter. I respect and admire his no-holds-barred attitude when it comes to tumors, treatments, and doctors. He has such an honest view on life, I deeply enjoyed spending time with him! Again, if I could just be bookended in the neighborhood by those two, I would be a very, very happy girl!

At the conference there was also quite a bit of self promotion by doctors. I guess it comes with the territory, but nevertheless I was thrilled by the chance to attend the Chris Elliott Fund conference. It was a very small group of fighters and caregivers, and scanning through the crowd, seeing the various scars on the fighters' heads, gave me an unexpected feeling of belonging. Throughout the conference I had a baseline feeling of gratitude that I don't have a glioblastoma,  then, I kept oscillating between excitement (because of new knowledge), fear (the lack of new treatments), and regret (for not having worked harder to kill my tumor). 

Have you seen the tooth whitening commercial that states, "If you're not whitening, you're yellowing!" It's a very effective slogan. It always reminds me that if you're not researching and implementing new treatments to your protocol, you're missing out.

On Sunday I drove the car four blocks to PCC to pick up my buddy Jules from the bus (it was raining sheets). It was so fun!! If you look at the picture you'll notice that even my double chin was having a blast!  

While we cheered on the Seahawks (what a game), we sipped on our aptly named, Hawks Detox Smoothie...



  1. YES!!! Go Jess!!!! Love you, Linda

  2. You go girl! Vrruuuummmmm.....

  3. You are right, knowledge is power, but overwhelming yourself is frustrating. Be careful not to destroy your peaceful feelings. Again, you are right, mind/body connection is so imperative! I guess balance is so difficult in life (for all of us). I pray for you peace, and balance, and that your cup runneth over with love...

  4. Nope no double chin :-) :-) :-)


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