Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little Break

Hi Friends, I am having a hard time typing, and don't have the energy to keep up with communicating with everyone. I'm just so exhausted. I have been keeping up with the venom but at this point I can't even begin to call everyone back, respond to the emails, texts, and such. Please forgive me, and be patient. My brain just isn't working quickly, and the idea of trying to find the energy to catch up is too overwhelming. Just writing this post has been a cloud over my head because I'm just so dang tired. 

I did have a fabulous weekend with family though. My beautiful, kind uncle was married. It was an honor to be invited to the small ceremony, to hug the family, laugh at the stories, and to be included. It was absolutely lovely. My uncle is such a special man, with a huge heart, and I absolutely adore him. 


  1. Just know that we love you and you do not need to respond for the love, concern and support to be endless!!!!
    Love, Maleka

  2. Go rest up and take it easy. Once you've had a break away from the blog, technology, people and little old me you will bounce back refreshed and ready to go. Go easy on yourself!

    Glad you enjoyed the wedding - I went to spain to recoup for three days in the sun - lovely. Once I've edited out the bikini shots I'll email over some pics.

    Big hugs



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