Thursday, March 14, 2013


I was a very bad girl. I walked to PCC yesterday in the mist with Emma, we were on a hunt for healthy snacks, and a few regular groceries to keep the house running smoothly. As I was walking up and down the isle, I spotted a deal on LÄ favorite plant based sweet treat. (I think the main ingredient is prunes.) Do you remember me mentioning my weakness for delicious things? That I have no self control? Well, I've been so good lately, and I really thought I could handle it, so I bought six bars for Dan's lunches. Dan has a sweet tooth like me, so I was trying to tempt him toward a healthy snack and away from peanut butter cups. Anyway, Emma and I walked home happily, as I sipped on MY treat, multi-green kombucha (I swear it's delicious).

When I made my way to the kitchen and unpacked the bags, I put the bars into Dan's snack area, but within a few hours I could hear Lara, telling me how delicious her bars are. I ATE THREE OF THEM. Back to back. In my defense, they're small. But still! That's what I mean about not being trustworthy. It's embarrassing. When Dan got home from class I had to tell him what I did, and beg him to put the rest of the bars in his lunch bag. I can not be trusted. I have no self control. God they were good though :) Yummy!

I repented with a fresh kale juice this morning though. I guess that's something :)
(I would include the recipe, but it should never be repeated. I drank it though. Because I was a bad girl.)

By the way, how did I not remember that kale is from the brassica family? So great to fight brain cancer! I'm slacking. I was Googling the benefits of kale juice and was reminded (I usually add it to my smoothies in the morning too). Anyway, all in all, I'm not freaking out about the coconut cream pie, chocolate chip cookie dough, or chocolate coconut chew it was so delicious, soooooo good. That's the worst thing I've eaten in two weeks. Not bad. But still, I am reminded, I can't have it in the house. I'll be relishing the flavor of those three bars for awhile though. Fond memories :)


  1. You are hilarious! I think we are all naughty sometimes, sweets are evil, but so good!!!! But you flushed it out right? All gone, erased, done, now start over!!! xxoo

  2. Jessica, if you consider yourself a bad person for that, then I should probably go to jail for life, or get the death penalty.
    Anyhoo, have been following your blog and am wondering if you have considered seeing an epileptologist to tweak your meds a bit and get rid of the seizure problem. Then you can go back to pushing yourself and being active. Epileptologists are doctors who specialize in people with epilepsy and have a lot of experience dealing with people and their meds. Sometimes when doctors see patients with brain tumors they don't pursue this problem aggressively. Are you on any medications?

  3. Do you have a recipe for a simple, yet sort of sweet green drink? I want to start with one that tastes good and is easy to fix. Also, how long do they last in fridge? Do you ever add protein powders? With summer coming, a cold juice sounds so good!!! What do you think of the vitamix? I thank you in advance for your answers, and pray this juicing that you are doing blesses your body and brain (adorable brain). xxoo


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