Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicken Broth

I did end up making broth from the chicken bones on Saturday. It was so easy! I took the whole carcass and put it in a great big pot, along with the drippings from the roast.

See what I meant about all that meat?

You cover the carcass with water and boil it.

This is the carcass after just having added water

Some websites say 1.5 hours, others say 3 hours. I decided to go with 3.5 hours of boiling, and I'm telling you it was the easiest thing to clean the meat off the bones. They didn't say either way, the sites that I referenced, but I covered my broth as it boiled.

You know it's ready when it's a milky color

I used a slatted spoon to pull the bones out of the pot. I placed all the meat on one dish (really sift through it - there are some very small bones), and the bones/cartilage/skin in another. When I got to the point where there was stuff floating around, I placed a mesh strainer over another large pot and strained the rest of the broth. Done! I ended up with about two cups of meat, it was crazy!

That's a lot of broth & a lot of meat

I divided the broth into one pot for dinner with the remaining chicken, and the second half, I placed in a container to freeze. You will want to season the broth with whatever you'd like, whenever you use it, but it's all so easy! I tossed some things from my fridge, a celery heart & leaves, some kale, shiitake mushrooms, chives, carrots, cayenne & fresh cracked pepper and a dash or two of finely ground sea salt. Done.

I'm sorry to say I don't have any vegan cookie recipes. I haven't baked in ages. I don't trust myself around sugar - unless it's as an exfoliant. Just thinking about it makes me want a cookie, though. Yum!! I'm such a suggestible person when it comes to food. That's why we don't have anything deliciously naughty in our home. Veggies, meats, nuts and cheese get old very quickly. Can't really binge on those things :)

My favorite part of making chicken broth.....

I'll never tell what I wished for...

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  1. Love it! I've been making Bone Broth in a Crock Pot for the past year (upon recommendation from my naturopath & nutritionist). I really believe I've seen health benefits from daily soup made from bone broth! Thanks for the additional tips and thoughts re ingredients...


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