Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lemons of Love

In one week I get my third shot. Holy cow, this is happening fast!! Only five more shots this year :) I wish I felt better and could actually enjoy the amazingness that is NYC. There's so much to do and see - and people to visit. I learned a lot though, about pushing myself. My buddy Libbey is coming with me this time, and we're planning on lazing around in the hotel room, relaxing, working on a puzzle and she doesn't know it, but I'm bringing my board game of Words With Friends. Slumber party! Packing should be easy...PJs and slippers.  I'm excited! We will have a blast, but at the same time I'm frustrated that I have to be careful. I hate that I'm prone to seizures, and that they're induced by stress. Stupid stress.


Look what my mother-in-law sent me!!! Wooo hooooo! Organic lemons!! Sweeeeeeet. I wish I lived next door so I could make her lemon shots just to see her face :) If you know Linda, you would be laughing right now, just picturing her laughing at me. Her giggle is fantastically contagious. And she'll eat whatever I make her, but let's just say it's not her favorite food :)

I am so excited for these shots, even though they're taxing on my body. I can't believe I'm able to do this. What a crazy opportunity. I can't say this enough, thank you for the donations! We have also been very fortunate that Dan's work is incredibly busy. He has been working 72 hour weeks, and will continue to do so until at least June. Above his 72 hour work week, he also travels for class once a week after work, and doesn't make it home until around 10:00 p.m. Danny works so, so hard, and I appreciate him very much - and I want everyone to know how amazing he is (as if you didn't already know) :) I worry about his health, though, a lot. He is so wonderful, never complaining, and I've been cooking, and cleaning and doing everything that I can to support him, but it sucks to not only not have a job to contribute, but also be the financial burden. STUPID CANCER! Ugh.


  1. I have to ask:

    Isn't the board game Words with Friends just plain old Scrabble?


  2. i love that you have such joy, and your big beautiful grateful heart, well just plain amazing! Enjoy NYC for what it is, a step in your healing process, time for fun later. It would be a great trip with Danny some day when you are able to really celebrate! I pray for that day for the two of you:)

  3. Lemons...and you are making lemonade, of course you are. You are truly an inspiration Jess.
    Enjoy NYC with LHO, she'll be a great travel buddy.
    Always thinking about you and Danny.


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