Friday, March 1, 2013

Down Then Up

Ok, better news, Dr Liau pulled my MRI for a second review after I had my seizure (she just emailed again to clarify). She believes there is just a very, very small change in the tumor resection area, and it could be due to the Newcastle Disease virus shot which I received 11 days before my MRI.

Danny and I are using this as a wake up call. We're taking time to rest, and revamp our diet to really focus on low inflammation foods (feel free to post any yummy recipes!). I'm also trying to integrate as many low inflammation supplements throughout the day as well.

We feel very relieved, but nervous too. Living with brain cancer is stressful. One day you're just trying to live your life, and have fun with your friends, the next you're faced with radiation and everything that entails. Each time they look at my brain I worry, and lately, I haven't been feeling great anyway.

I need to stop trying to be social, and just focus on healing. It's hard though, I never want to miss out. But when dealing with cancer, you don't get to do what you want or live like you want. You just have to be happy living.

Below is a picture of a local raccoon that walked with my dad, Emma and I down to Green Lake a couple of days ago. We're pretty sure he was deaf and blind....and I'm positive he's adorable.


  1. Much more encouraging news !!! Thank you for updating right away. Prayers & Love to you & Dan

  2. So sorry, Jess. Keep eating lots of veggies, low to no carbs if you can handle it and only grassfed beef, pasture chicken, omega-3 eggs, and nuts to help with inflammation. Those carbs are so addictive but they are very inflammatory! That's the hardest part of the anti-cancer diet in my perspective--not eating carbs very often. I do eat 70% dark chocolate and berries to help with cravings for something sweet. It's so hard! Hang in there.

  3. Happy for better news. You are so strong!! Take good care & Happy Birthday to Dan tomorrow!!

  4. This is sooooo good -

    + Add Kelp!


  5. Love this one too, minus butter, add Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  6. One of my favorite desserts, from a recommended website:

    I had this for my birthday recently, instead of cake, and believe me, the cake wasn't missed!


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