Monday, September 24, 2012

Criminal Charges

Well, today is off to a great start! After playing tag with the Seattle assistant district attorney, she let me know that the city is in fact going to press charges in my attack case!! Apparently, the city receives over 200 new cases a week, and they were very clear from the start that there is no guarantee that charges would be pressed. This case has bounced around a bit, within the system, and I've had to give my statement several times. Each time it was hard, sad, and stirred quite a bit of emotions.

When I heard the news this morning, I thought I would be relieved, happy even, but instead I'm sad. The man who attacked me is married with four children. The oldest is 10 and the youngest is a set of infant twins. I did not intend to hurt his family, but in order to keep others safe I felt compelled to help the city press criminal charges. I know that this man has sexually accosted two other women, and he has become more and more aggressive. To attack a woman in her own home, working as her maintenance man, is incredibly brazen. This man should not be working in people's homes.

Anyway, I'm off to catch the bus for another counseling session. Alison is going to be THRILLED by this morning's news!!

Also, I included three photos from Saturday night. Throughout the night I was reminded of how wonderful our friends are. I am so glad that our buddy Eric got his job at the Blume Company, where he met Meghan who is married to Sean, who he then introduced to Dan, then Dan included me, and now Meghan and Sean have introduced us to all of THEIR friends, and Dan and I now have a huge network of fabulous buddies. There is no limit to the kindness of those around us, we are completely surrounded by love and support. And I know it's not just Seattle, it's Friday Harbor, Wenatchee, Poland, Sweden, and so many other places. Thank you! I am always grateful for all of the hugs and support. Especially with this upcoming clinical trail. I've been battling panic attacks, that's why I hadn't been posting lately. But, that's for another post, I've got to get running for the 358 or I'll be late!


  1. That is GREAT news! ...and if the prosecuting attorney is going to move forward with charging him, it means they have a lot of evidence against him. Don't blame yourself for what his family is going through; blame him and only him. Although it's heartwrenching to think that the kiddos may be without their dad for a while, at least they (and hopefully his wife) will know the real truth and respect you for standing up for yourself and, ultimately, others who may have been victimized.

    I smile every day when I think about you or read your posts. You have done so much and even when you are going through so much, you stop and think about what others are dealing with and count your blessings. You are a perfect example of what human nature should be, and I learn from you often and take your advice whenever I can: parking a little bit further away, going for a walk, etc. and admiring how you balance all that is going on in your life has taught me a thing or two about becoming the best "Me" that I possibly can :)


  2. Thank you for donating the beautiful piece and attending Saturday night. It's always wonderful to see you and Dan!
    XO ~Nicole

  3. "So Cal" PattiSeptember 27, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    You did the right thing Jess! This guy made a choice to hurt others without thinking about his family. You need to concentrate on getting yourself better! Hope that all is going well for you and that we can keep in touch! Love You! Patti

  4. Jessica you did the right thing. This person needs help. Sad yes but you can't let him do it again if you can do something about it.

    Prayers continue for your upcoming trial. All the best and hugs from Rich in Andre


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