Sunday, July 15, 2012

Message from Dan

Hello everyone, this is Dan

Since Jess was attacked on Tuesday, she has been dealing with a incredible amount of stress inducing situations. She has been dealing with; getting our locks changed, working with police officers and detectives on the pending criminal case of her attacker, scheduling her recently approved tests with UCLA to possibly start her clinical trial, scheduling her travel itinerary to UCLA, all the while going through the process of dealing with her attack.

Due to all this stress Jess had an aura on Thursday, followed by another on Friday. The two Auras happened while shopping for replacement items for the bathroom in an attempt to change the decor. All this has lead to me declaring a technological lock down and putting Jess on 'restriction'. She will not be allowed to blog, text or email until her level of stress has sufficiently decreased. Please do not take her lack of correspondence personally, it is a necessary action to preserve her health.

Jessica is extremely worn down and needs to let her body rejuvenate itself. I will be postponing her appointments at UCLA for one week. Hopefully this will give her enough time to start healing and speak to the detective handling the criminal case of her attacker on Friday.

Thank you for all of your support and sympathy for Jess, she will be back soon. Probably sooner then I wish.


  1. "So Cal" PattiJuly 15, 2012 at 11:23 AM

    Thanks for the update Dan! Sending loving thoughts to you and Jess everyday!

  2. Sending love. Sending comfort. I don't even have words . . .

  3. Dan and Jessica,
    You will soldier through this period with the love and help of each other. Never feel that you are alone, either. I'm sure your family, your friends, and readers like me that you don't even know very well are thinking of you and will always be on your team. Some day when you are old geezers you will look back on this time and marvel at yourselves.
    Diana Clark

  4. Dear Dan & Jessica,
    Thank you for your update On Jessica, Dan. Bless your heart for putting "restriction & lockdown" on Jessica so she will recoop & heal. You did the right thing. You also are as precious to us as Jessica is. Love, thoughts & prayers to you both.

  5. Dan and Jessica,

    You certainly need to put yourself first and your safety, security and health has to be your number one priority. While I miss hearing the updates and any new news, I totally understand and will wait patiently for the tidbits you send out and send warm thoughts and prayers through the atmosphere until then.

    Julene in East Wenatchee

  6. Thinking of you both.

  7. You are such a blessing Dan, It's so wonderful you have each other. Good for you for setting restriction.
    Thinking of you both. Hang in there.
    Lisa Z.

  8. Dan and Jess,

    I have been following Jess' blog since moving home to Texas in Oct 2010. When we were in Wenatchee Jess inspired me with her enthusiasm for life. Especially during our 5:30 am workouts and wine club. Lately I have been inspired by your commitment to each other and the love that ties you together.

    Please let this post remind you that you two have touched everyone you have known together in a profound and meaningful way. We continue to cheer you on through the good and and the bad and we know you will persevere. We will continue to be here to listen, acknowledge, and send good thoughts, whenever, if ever, you or Jess are ready to blog. Until then you will be in my prayers.
    Hugs- Liz McCown

  9. Thanks Dan for knowing Jessie's limits and protecting her emotional and physical health. Please feel free to contact Marina if you need ANYTHING in planning travel/appointments in LA. Sending all my love to get her back on her feet. Lorraine

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