Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time To Work

Started playing with my pills this morning. Not exactly the beer can towers of college days. Yesterday, at the gym, I weighed myself. YIKES. In January at my last MRI I weighed 144. Now, I weigh 150. I guess I need to take this a little bit more seriously. It was quite the wake up call. Dan and I talked about it for quite a bit last night. We are very strict right now, this whole week I'm on a plant based diet (other than a glass of milk each morning and evening for pills). We're going to take Saturday off to celebrate Saint Patty's day with friends, but come Sunday we will be back on the whole foods diet of months past. We will not be cheating again until after the MRI. It's been a lot of fun, but it's time to get back to business. I have to say, when I stepped on the scale and had to move the little black weight over further and further to the right, my stomach pulled into knots and my sweat pores started tingling. I was in shock.

Oh well, I can get this back on track. I love taking a week or so of only eating plants. You can eat whatever you want, as much as you want. It's actually a lot of fun. That probably sounds crazy, but it's fun to change it up. Damn. 150? Ugh. Jessica Lynn. I'm not so upset about the numbers necessarily, it's more the fact that any extra weight feeds Herm. That's always the kicker. But, each day, each meal, I decide what I'm going to put in my mouth and each step is a choice. I'm ready to conquer this next month and see what's going on in my brain at the MRI. I have to relax and play a little, but now it's time to work.

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  1. It is just a number - don't worry. I think it is from all the muscle you are gaining from your 90+ squats and all the exercising you are doing.
    It is muscle, you should feel proud you are so strong.


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