Thursday, March 15, 2012

Balancing DHA & EPA

Vegetarian DHA From Algae (200 mg ea pill)

Bushel of Purple Kale
4 Tablespoons Fish Oil

Breakfast. Sorry for complaining yesterday. Sometimes I just need to barf out my feelings. I'm doing better though! Here's my breakfast drink. It has four tablespoons of fish oil, and I've read that it's important to balance out the DHA and EPA in your diet to maximize the effects against inflammation (a promoter of tumor growth). One tablespoon of my fish oil has 500 mg DHA and 800 mg EPA, so I took 6 DHA pills (200 mg each) to even out the four tablespoons. Not a delicious breakfast by any means, but hey, I downed it with a verbal toast to Hermie, swallowing the pills like fishy candy. The pills are vegetarian, but they taste and smell like fish. It's weird.

Anyway, little by little, Mr Herm is being knocked down by my arsenal of tricks. I have to believe that.

Dan and I were talking about it last night, as we were falling asleep in bed, we honestly have no expectations for the next MRI. It could show a massive decrease in tumor cells or an increase in tumor cells. We have no idea. That's the thing, you can be hopeful, but if I was to feel too confident I believe it would be incredibly dangerous - it could make me complacent. No one wants to be disappointed.

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  1. We have expectations for your next MRI and that it WILL show a MASSIVE decrease in tumor cells. Hermie's gettin' eatin' alive! Bye-bye Hermie. xoxo Susea & Gene


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