Monday, March 19, 2012

Insult to Injury

My reindeer pajamas

Too much fun for Jess this weekend. I awoke with a temperature of 102. To add insult to injury, I received an email this morning from the Bone Marrow Donor Program of Puget Sound stating that I am unfit (my word, not theirs) for donation and will be placed on reserve for a year pending a clean bill of health. Ouch. They don't want my blood, platelets, red cells or my marrow. That's rough. I understand, since I technically have cancer, but it still sucks. It has always been a dream of mine that one day I would get a phone call and be able to save someones life. I figured, I already had what other people are dying to get (literally), healthy tissues and blood - why not share, but now I'm unable to help. If you're so inclined to stand in my place, please sign up to be a donor (link for Seattle area). 


  1. Jess, you ARE saving someone's life--your own. It's the best way to save other people's lives. Please be more gentle with yourself and know your words, your wisdom with all that you are learning and sharing with the world is more life saving than you can even imagine. You give people hope and that in itself is life saving. (If this helps: the blood bank turned me down last January -- anemic they said . . .)xoxo

  2. Jessica, Susea said it so well. You are helping a lot of people by having this blog. My goal was to hit the 5 gallon level some day, but since my thyroid cancer diagnosis they have banned me as well.


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