Friday, March 16, 2012

Life Is Precious

Sorry for the grainy photos. Dan and I were just walking, and passed a horrible, horrible accident on Green Lake Dr. It looks like they had to cut the person out of the car, through the roof. Man. That vision will sober you up quickly. Life is so precious. Those poor people were probably just headed home after a long day, after a long week, exhausted, probably excited to do something fun this weekend, maybe including some green - either a hike or a run or green beverages, who knows. Life is precious, and we never know what lays ahead.

The truck in the photo above was part of the accident. Lesson: Big vehicles are safer. Some people complain about gas guzzling trucks and SUVs, and yes, there's no argument that they aren't as good for the environment, but hey, when it comes to your life....

If you pray, please pray for them. How scary, and shocking for them. I wish things like this didn't happen.

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