Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stank Milk

This morning, about an hour after eating my high dose pills, undergoing serious stomach discomfort, I started contemplating the odd texture of the milk I used to wash it all down. A flash hit my brain and I realized that I pulled from the old milk carton, not the brand new one that we just bought.....oh God, seriously, yes, those were weird chunks and swirls of texture that should not have been in there. The smell wasn't very bad, but I've been so disgusted by milk in general that I just thought it was my natural distaste after having to drink whole milk every morning and evening three days a week. Yes. This. Girl. Drank. Stank. Milk. Wait for it....twice. I did it last night and didn't understand why I felt so sick while I was trying to fall asleep, then again today. I was so cranky that I didn't even want to go to the retirement home. I got over it though, and while I walked to volunteer, the fresh air helped. I am such a goober. Who drinks stank milk? This girl. I'm so out if it. I guess I'm just used to drinking disgusting things, and I go with it because usually it's a rank drink that's good for me. Boy did I blow it. I seriously get shivers just thinking about it. When I relayed the story to Dan this evening, while we drove to the gym, he literally had to ask me to stop because he was going to lose it. Rotten, stank, swirling with chunks milk is a universally disgusting thought. Ugh. Yuck. Whole milk is thick, but not THAT thick. I should have known it was wrong. Gross. 

Today I started a new batch of broccoli sprouts. They're very hard to find at stores because of the whole salmonella poisoning issue. Anyway, I haven't been able to grow healthy sprouts in my new home because they seem to get moldy even when I rinse them twice a day. I'm hoping that rinsing them three times a day will keep them growing healthily. The overnight growth may be a problem, but it's worth a shot to see what happens. 


1 Tablespoon of Seeds

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  1. When I see no comments, I worry you think no one is reading your blog.....but then I remember, she has no idea who I am and probably all her friends and family have other ways to keep in touch. But....just the same, there are others out there, reading your blog, praying with you, laughing with you (sometimes at you :-/ too.) and learning from you, wanting to tell you how incredibly strong they feel you are and wanting you to keep up the fight. Can't even remember how I found your blog.....but so glad I did. So as of now, I'm no longer a voyeur, but please don't think I'm a stalker either :-D


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