Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Green Foxes

With my head phones on, munching on steamed organic broccolini (thank you Costco for the new selection!), I'm weighing out my meals for tomorrow. Literally. Piece by piece I'm trying to figure out the restricted ketogenic food plan. I definitely use a different ratio than the typical 4:1:1 (fat:carb:protein), I'm more of a 4:2:1 (the 2 is for the extra carbs in the vegetables). I love vegetables, especially broccoli and all kinds of cabbage. I know that if I get too regimented I will fail. I need that hard crunch of veggies.

Danny has his Netflix dialed in, relaxing, watching Deadwood. Me, well, I'm doing what I love to do....I'm silently dancing behind the wall that divides the living room and kitchen. Weighing, measuring, listening to MGMT, shuffling to Kings of Leon, and working my abs with a few fearless dance moves to the Scissor Sisters.

There used to be a time when, enjoying my time alone, I used to get dressed up to bake in my kitchen. I wore cute dresses and my highest heals, my clothing protected by my great Auntie Myrt's apron. It's buttercup yellow with tiny little green foxes (practically minuscule little fellas). It made me feel feminine and sexy. It was my little secret. My "love ingredient."

Sometimes I have to remind myself that happiness is internal and yet something that I have to reach for.


  1. Sweet Pea, our Auntie Myrt would have loved hearing that you dance while cooking AND that you wear one of her lovely aprons while doing it...dance on...xxoo Su Mamasita

  2. Jess & Mamasita - You make me smile! Thanks so much : )

    Dee Dee

  3. This is so great to hear! On certain days, I wake up and just think, "i will clean everything today!". I put on some bermuda shorts, a baggy t-shirt and one of my mom's old scarves and get to it. I crank up music that makes my butt shake and get ADD on my mess! I would never do this when Andre is around because it's honestly embarassing. In fact, I avoid all windows. But I love that you have your own, private, amazing version of this. Although, yours is definitely more feminine and sexy. You win.


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