Friday, March 18, 2011

1st Presentation

It turns out that my gift of gab translates perfectly into a love for public speaking. My mom likes to tease that I started talking seconds from the womb. Sharing my story with the Rotary was thrilling. My legs were shaking, and my lips got really dry, and I did mostly note card reading, but I think I can smooth it out with experience. The best part of the whole deal was all of the hugs afterward. It was incredibly moving to have people connect with what I was saying.

I think I can work the kinks out. I have two weeks before my next presentation, this time at an even larger Rotary in Wenatchee.

It's really nice having these presentations distract me. I have less than a month before the next MRI, and reliving my experience continues to make me grateful for my growth, my life, my friends, my family, everything.

After the Rotary presentation a gentleman came up and shared the story of his wife who had a double mastectomy six years ago, then underwent chemo. I keep hearing stories about people going through radiation and chemo and people are knocking it back like it's no big deal. I love it! It's encouraging. I think that when my time comes for radiation, I'll be able to conquer it.

It has taken me 11 months to come to terms with radiation. I'm finally no longer scared of it. That's huge! I've jumped a lot of physical hurdles, definitely a ton of cognitive hurdles, and lately, a lot of emotional hurdles. It's a great feeling!


  1. I heard you had them laughing, crying and applauding, why is that not a surprise. Congrats. ?????

  2. Oh, Jess. This is so neat! Good on you.

    Dee Dee

  3. Love the confidence I'm hearing. Coming from the south, Martha used to say about someone working real hard at something, 'it's like she was killing snakes'. So I say to you, 'You're going at this like you're killing snakes and you're sure to come out on top'. love you, Jennifer


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