Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life Is In The Details

Views of my garden. I know it seems as if there IS no garden, at first glance, but things are starting to sprout. This little nugget of land makes me smile so much. I investigate each square foot on a regular basis, checking to see how the growth is coming (I just cleaned out the old dead growth from last season). It's soothing to me. I guess we all have our favorite things.

I've been thinking all day that I'm actually excited about my next MRI. I almost can't believe how things have changed. For the first time I'm not afraid, in fact I'm ridiculously excited!

I'm grateful that I've had a full year without radiation. I feel so lucky! So blessed! I find myself listening to music and dancing in my car. I turn on our Sirius radio in the house while I cook and laugh and dance. We're watching TV less often, and getting outside more. It's nice with the change of season, it makes it easy. I'm enjoying my life, grateful for each moment. I'm noticing the barely there buds on the trees, and I'm driving through the warehouse district where I live, slow like I'm doing a drive by, searching for fatties (also known as marmots). I'm waiting for the fatties to come out of hibernation. That will be a great day!

I feel like the beauty of life is in the little things. Monumental accomplishments are also fantastic, but those little things, the tiny almost not noticeable things, are what give me the most joy. It's all in the details.


  1. Love your writing as usual Jess. Thanks for the reminder to rejoice in the details. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Wenatchee 10K?

  2. Simplicity, joy, excitement...love love love this post! I love that you are looking for 'fatties'! I love that you are so excited about your garden! I love that you drive slow and dance in your kitchen!
    Love you Jess!

    SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!


  4. Dear Jess,

    One night after Walt and I taught a swing dance class for a particularly nice bunch of folks, I read a quote in the memoir "Homestead" by Jane Kirkpatrick, which was my current read. In working with Native Americans, she learned that when their healers appeared to help an ill person they asked three questions:

    1. When did you last laugh?
    2. When did you last dance?
    3. When did you last tell your story?

    I reviewed my evening and realized I had just done all three. It made me smile. Just like reading your post today makes me smile to know you are also doing all three. : )

    Dee Dee


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