Friday, March 10, 2017

Home Sweet Home, Temporarily..

This is Dan,

We finally made it out of the hospital about five hours after they thought we would, but at least we made it out. It was a stressful day for Jess. She had multiple appointments with different doctors discussing our upcoming appointments and our regiment of medications for post hospital life. She meet with physical and speech therapists about continuing therapy after discharge. She meet with pharmacists to discuss what each and every medication was and how it would be administered. Once each meeting was over, she would look at me with the expression that I had become familiar with. It was an expression of "do you understand what he just said, because I sure as hell don't". It usually was followed by a look of frustration for not being able to understand things that were simple to her eleven days ago. Any papers, handouts or business cards were quickly passed along to me. Even the basic alphabet eludes her now, and most of the words written on her prescriptions were tough for me to say.

She also meet with Fred, but more about that later.

We packed up our belongings and Jess got wheeled down stairs. We had to stop and put on sunglasses for the bright lights, ear plugs for the extra noise and had to get the transit nurse operating the wheel chair to downshift from 5th to 1st gear. We knew the trip would be stressful but did not think it would be so tough on her just to get to the lobby of the building. We got a car to transport us to our temporary home and had to give the driver specific instructions about driving with over-emphasized caution and as little quick movement as possible. The Driver was very conscientious and drove as best he could but it still took its toll on Jess. She toughed it out as she always does, but I was happy to see the drive come to an end. The difficulties of our transportation were quickly pushed to the back of our mind once we arrived at our new temporary home. Tami and David are two incredible people who have offered us their home for the duration of our stay. They only briefly meet us but were gracious enough to help us in such a extreme manor. Their home is wonderful, and I could see Jess's shoulders drop about 100lbs as soon as we walked in. We could not have picked a more perfect situation for Jess to heal in, and there are not adequate words to describe my level of appreciation to them. Thank you.

We know that we still have a tremendous amount of work to do from here on out, but leaving the hospital and being allowed to live almost as normal people, is going to have an insurmountable effect on our lives. Jess will begin the long process of rehab tomorrow and hopefully you guys will be reading her words in the near future. Until then, please remember she has extreme difficulty with the written language and cannot read text or email from anybody at this time. Hopefully everyone understands and does not take her silence as an insult.

It was not all bad getting delayed a few hours at the hospital, Jess did get to meet a new man in her life. This is Fred, he is a patient canine connection dog. He was by far the best part of the hospital stay and Jess nearly lost it!!

Jess was looking good when she left the hospital thanks to a wonderful gift from our friends Stacy and Guy. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for the update. She is receiving a lot of prayers! I wouldn't worry about people getting upset about her lack of communication. You guys focus on healing and know that there is a huge support group behind the scenes. This is a time for healing. God bless!

  2. Oh my gosh look at the joy and delight on Jessica's face with Fred :-) Thank you for your update, Dan. So wonderful that Jessica has a wonderful home to rest and heal. The folks are angels that lent you this super place. Hopefully you can all rest easier now. Who could ever feel an insult at Jessica not being able to reply for now ? Only thoughts of love, healing and prayers are sent to Jessica. Hope you all had a better nights rest now you are in a peaceful place.

  3. So happy for you all! Animals are so healing! Thanks again Dan...for keeping us posted! Recovery time will come! Sending prayers, hugs and healing thoughts from Oregon!


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