Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Subtle Doesn't Mean None

I thought it was weird when the doctors used the term, "You don't have tumor mass." It seemed to be oddly specific terminology. It just didn't sit well at all. I always get the copies of the radiology reports and of course, when I opened the mail today (after getting back from my new GP appointment), I read the report. This is the part where my heart sank...

"New ill-defined subtle increased F-DOPA uptake is noted in the posterior aspect of the left parietal resection cavity. Corresponding to T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity signal surrounding the resection cavity which is noted on the MRI. Visually F-DOPA uptake is below to the contralateral striata F-DOPA uptake."

Now I'm in the process of clarifying with the reviewers of the scan to see if I may not have "defined tumor mass" but instead I might have an area of tumor cells. The area of the tumor cavity shouldn't be lighting up like that. I'm very concerned. This is just like having tumor growth on the MRIs but the doctors still say "stable" because the growth isn't that much. I don't like being manipulated. I want to know what's going on in my brain. I need to know how hard to work, or if the things I'm doing are just the right amount.

I'm irritated, and concerned. Hopefully there's an easy explanation for the discrepancy.

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  1. Sending you hope and LOVE as I know you will work hard to clarify all of this! I am hoping for the best possible conclusion!! As always, we think of you every day and send you all our compassion and support!!
    Love you!! Maleka


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