Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Made it to the hotel (Thanks again for the car Steph & John!), and I'm resting. Getting all if my medical liquids through security was a complete joke (knock on wood - I don't want to jinx myself for the future). Honestly, I just put my cooler bag through the x-ray machine. I was armed with my doctor's note, but didn't need it. They didn't even go into the bag. They unzipped the top and zipped it right back up. It was the fastest security screening I've EVER had. Ever. I was traveling with the following liquids: 1.1 liter container, 0.5 liter container x 2, and three 5.5 ounce containers. What the heck? I watched a different guy have to throw out his toothpaste. Weird. Very weird.

Anyway, thought I would share that info for my friends with liquid supplements. I'll let you know if anything changes (if I run into problems), but for now, at least you know you can bring what you need. Yay!! One less thing to worry about :)

PS I had a bagel for lunch. Yum! Carbs are sooo gooood.


  1. Glad your eating PROPERLY ha ha! Our airport security is a joke - I would never get away with that doctors letter or not! Keep safe and week fed.

    Big hugs

  2. Good for you. Can you share what your liquid supplements are?

    1. Chlorotoxin (sublingual dilution & nasal drops), Poly MVA, CoQ10, D3, Vit A, molybdenum.


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