Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Medical Liquids

I've got all my pills, all of my liquid supplements (even the venom), in my fancy new travel cooler, and I'm ready for my flight to NYC for my Newcastle shot. I have a doctor's note for my liquids, and I checked the TSA website so I should be fine. It's exciting to think I can keep on my schedule with dosing while traveling.(For the most part anyway, I refuse to do nasal venom drops on the plane.)

I am so grateful that I'm able to travel solo, and that I'm getting these shots. I have a few questions for additional supplements/medications for Dr C. Hopefully, he'll be as excited as I am about the info.

It's always tricky with glioma cells. If you hit them too hard with treatments they morph into more agressive tumors. But if you don't hit them, they turn into more aggressive tumors. It's all such a guessing game. You never quite know what to do to maintain, or keep things at bay. We're always searching for that fine line. I'll never give up, though. There are people doing research all over the world, all I need to do is get my spider web out to other fighters, other researchers, and other problem solvers to bring it all together into on concise plan. An ever evolving plan, but a plan nonetheless.

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  1. Safe flight - let me know how you get on.

    Big hugs


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