Sunday, October 6, 2013

Absolute Accutane

With the final minutes to go in the hawks game (ouch), we are out of here.

I've been feverishly re-reading my packet from nutritional solutions (they don't just give nutritional advice, also they provide off-label drug info, conventional treatment information, and much more), all to organize synergist treatments for whatever they find in my scans. The way I see it, I may have:

A. No tumor
B. Tumor, but still low grade
C. Grade 3
E. Grade 4

There are lots of various options at each stage, and there are different recommendations for each. I'm working on game plans for all possible outcomes. That way I will have a lot of immediate questions, and will have the ball rolling.

One of the things I'm asking (regardless of scan results) is for a prescription for accutane. I was doing research yesterday and my UCLA doctors are working on a clinical trial for low grade gliomas with IDH1 mutations (Liau & Cloughsey) pairing standard of treatment with accutane. Anyway, I can't wait to ask Liau & Cloughsey all about their trial. Apparently, if you have the IDH1 mutation, accutane can really extend your life. That's exciting!

Ok, time to taxi. Don't want to pull a Baldwin.


  1. Sending love to you both!!!! L.

  2. Thinking of you both!! Can't wait to read your next post! Sending you all my love and support!

  3. Love and support Jess xoxo
    Pete and Erin

  4. I really like that packet from Nutritional Solutions. There's a wealth of info in there and I like how they include references to studies to support their supplement recommendations. The off label section is really handy too!!

  5. Hi, you explained the topic very well. The contents has provided meaningful information thanks for sharing info


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