Monday, October 28, 2013

Living Out Loud

Sorry guys, been trying to keep up with communication with friends, tumor fighters, and researchers, and I've been spread a bit thin. Not to mention the fact that it's that time of year for my art donation for my buddy's philanthropy, WPIG. Here's a photo of this year's piece. It was due (and magically completed) on Sunday night.

It has quite a bit of color, and unfortunately the photo doesn't quite capture the depth, shading or texture, but that's okay. Sometimes I wonder who I'm even creating for because I don't think that my pieces would even look that great in our house. The stuff on our walls were created years ago and they're much more monotone, and subtle. Maybe, now, I'm living my life out loud. Maybe I need to chill with the technicolor so that Meg's philanthropy will actually make some dinero off my work. Things to consider as I write this. Hopefully there will be someone who likes it. It sure was a blast to paint!


  1. Living out loud, love it! Your world is full of vibrant color, I think it represents hope, love, and happiness.

  2. Hi Jess - I'm emailing you a pic right now of one of your prior art pieces that hangs in my home office...I love it and often send you good energy when I see it! (Tried to upload a pic to my comment but it won't go through). All the best to you!

    1. Ann, you're so sweet! Thank you! That makes me feel so good. And it explains why I'm doing so well - it's all those positive thoughts.


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