Thursday, August 1, 2013

Super Slice

Created a new take on a Waldorf salad tonight, keto style, and although I didn't serve fish, I was still able to do some filleting. Ouch. Thank you Dr. Dan. Don't worry, there is a bandage under there.

We are still unpacking which is taking the majority of our time. Next to that we have been fixing random things on my car so that we can put it up for sale. We are all about downsizing, and simplifying. Although I would love to drive again, the soonest would be early September (stupid seizure). I've been keeping little Rosemary, my 2000 explorer because she's paid for, and of course, I love her. However, we really only need one car. And if I do start driving there's an amazing service called Car 2 Go, so I can always find a way to do what I need. If I wouldn't have had the seizure in March, it's possible I may have started trying a few little trips on side streets. I'm apprehensive about driving and that's why I haven't pushed it these past few years, but with the restricted ketogenic diet (started at the end of March - after the seizure), I feel like a whole new person. My body feels better, my mind is clearer, I even have more energy. Granted, I'm still not interested in highway or interstate driving, but slow sweet little old lady driving for an errand or two sounds pretty dang appealing.

I'm still absorbing the MRI results. Sometimes I realize I'm even holding my breath. I quickly inhale, then tip my head back, closing my eyes, and I say a little thank you for this amazing gift. The glorious gift of life that never ceases to amaze me. And it's mine. This is my life! Wow. I am alive and breathing and I love and I receive love. What a beautiful thing. To breathe fresh air, and laugh, and dance, and talk to my bro on the phone, or barely escape peeing my pants from Dan's tickles. To make tea in the morning and think of Dan's mom because she bought me a beautiful turquoise tea kettle, or the multitudes of phone calls to my parents each day just to share a stupid story about a plant, or to check in. (The fact that they still answer my calls is a miracle.) The contagious laughter from quips of my friends, with hilarious YouTube videos, their hugs, their kindness. The support I've received from blog readers - I don't know how you do it, no one has ever said anything mean (and truthfully, if you did, I don't remember...), and I know I write some ridiculous things. I just feel grateful. I know I'm cheesy, but I can't help it. 

Having come from deep fear when we have watched Hermie grow, I must say that I am eternally, exceptionally, unimaginably thrilled and humbled by the ability to enjoy and live this extraordinary life. 


  1. electrical tape?

  2. Your positive thinking, and looking at all the good sides of life tells me you are winning the battle. None of us knows the days we have, but the days we do have we should enjoy and live them!! Having so much love in your life is the true gift, and you young lady are truly blessed. Keep living and loving and laughing...

  3. Hi Jess: You don't know me but we share our friend Libbey in common. I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for your blog. I have been reading it and following your journey for a while (prob over a year) and have always found you inspiring. Just a month ago my 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma WHO level one and had a brain surgery 3 weeks ago. She has to get monthly MRIs now to watch the remaining tumor they were unable to remove. I have been reading closely your research on diet and we are trying to implement some of your suggestions. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks, and we will continue to watch your journey and send positive thoughts your way.
    Best wishes, Jessica W.


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