Thursday, August 15, 2013

Doctor Help

I need some advice. It's kind of laughable, but I don't have a general practitioner, or an internist. I have had such bad luck with doctors, they don't respect my research, and typically pooh-pooh my treatments/supplements/diets. I need a doctor for basic health, one that can monitor me, request blood work, and collaborate with my New York doctors. I'm looking for someone who is open minded who will respect me and will work as a teammate. If anyone has a great doctor in the Seattle area, I would be very grateful if you could give me their information.


  1. I love Dr. Julie Pattison at Virginia Mason. She was recommended to me by a colleague - when his mother became elderly, Dr. Pattison would stop by her house to check on her. I have found her to be thoughtful and flexible.

  2. Dr. Juliann Gaydos-Gabriel at Swedish Greenlake is great! She is caring, friendly and easy to tlak to..all while being a great DR.

  3. Here's another suggestion. I have a friend in W. Seattle who is UBER PICKY about EVERYTHING...which is why I love her. With that exception, she kind of reminds me of what we'll be like in about 15 years :) She gave me this information and she loves her doctor :)

    Dr. Juan Guerra (Swedish Hospital/West Seattle Clinic)
    206-320-3399. If she needs a GYN his wife is wonderful and she also works there. Her name is Sierra Guerra. (When she calls she should clarify which one of them she is wanting to see).

    Good Luck! Doctor hunts are the worst :(

  4. Hello Jessica,

    I am a friend of your mom's through my husband and your dad! I have been following along on your blog and am awed by your stamina and positive outlook. You have been my inspiration for my own small cancer ordeal the past several months. Keep up the good work.
    I too am a patient at VM downtown and I have been seeing Eileen Bailey in internal medicine for many, many years. She serves as my primary physician. A very caring doctor.
    Best of luck


  5. I have a friend who is very sensitive to chemicals and smells. She had ovarian cancer and she knew the chemo would be very hard for her. She went to The Seattle Cancer Wellness Center. She is cancer free now. She felt they listened to her concerns and built a treatment plan that fit her needs. Perhaps one of the doctors there would be a good choice for a gp? Take a look at their website - it seems you have similar beliefs. Good luck!

  6. Jessica, nothing to do with doctors in the Seattle area, just something I thought you might find interesting.

    It is nice to see that you are learning to "manage" your battle w/Cancer. Part of being a cancer patient really is to make it a minimal part of your life rather than centering your life around it. You area kick ass cancer patient!
    God Bless
    oh and keep a watch out for this guy (coming soon to an OR near you)


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