Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Good morning friends. I can't believe next week is shot week again. Back to NYC for a quick 20 hours. Crazy! I've been so incredibly exhausted lately, too much summer fun with friends, and moving, and such. But the weather has been superb, and the sunshine has been intoxicating. It's impossible to nap, and I'm only getting about 7 hours of sleep a night (on a good night). I know I need more sleep, that I'm still recovering from October's brain surgery, but it's hard to zonk out when life feels so good. Not to mention the sun zaps all energy, but it's too hot to nap.

Here's my office for this morning. I'm hidden at a local cafe, behind a bamboo fence. Fun to change it up. I love living right in GL, able to walk a block to fun little spots. Since I don't drive, it's important for me to feel connected to the community. Note my editor, Emma

My day is another, full of research. I've been looking into adding DCA into my supplements. Apparently, it can help the mitochondria of cancer cells start to function properly. The mitochondria is the guy in the cell that does several things including programing apoptosis (cell death). That's the problem with cancer cells or damaged cells in general, they don't want to die. DCA also helps break the process of glycolysis for cancer energy, among other things. There are a few supplements that you need to take along with the DCA, like thiamine, and alpha lipoic acid. I would need to be careful about caffeine because it can potentiate the effects, but I think I could be careful and figure it all out. I've been reading up on DCA for the past few weeks. It seems like a nice addition to my treatments.

I'm off to focus on the DCA. Enjoy your day!


  1. FYI Jess, this is how my integrative practioner advised I take DCA
    dissolve in water, take on empty stomach (i do mine first in morning otherwise with everything else it gets lost)
    followed by black tea for the caffeine - I use a lovely Rose Congou black tea - a treat after the foul tasting DCA!

    1. Verity, I just checked out your website - it's fabulous! I wish we lived closer, I would see if I could get a tea date. You are such a warrior, and a researcher, I really admire you :) May I ask how much DCA you take each morning?


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