Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happily Developing

Inconvenient for moving, Dan has the keys to our old home. Conveniently, that forces me to walk Emma down to the lake for a swim. It is officially summer in the NW. It is and has been, hot (by Seattle standards). It's gorgeous! Today came with a swelter first thing in the morning, pure sun. The dawn peaked her head with a beautiful haze of deep blues, graduating to the babies, then, bam, sun. It was so bright in the five o'clock hour that I wanted to get up and get to packing, but I haven't been sleeping very well, so I adorned myself with my eye patches, and Bose noise canceling headphones. It's a good look. Have I mentioned I'm a light sleeper? I had been enjoying the several days of fog rolling in and burning off midday, keeping things cool. It felt fresh, reminding me of gorgeous San Francisco (one of my faves).

I had been meaning to walk over to UW to get my radiology report on Monday, but I'm scared. And it doesn't sound fun. The report is usually available at the records department within 24 hours (according to the MRI tech). It's a pain that I have to go get it myself, but oh well. We also mailed a hard copy of my scan to Dr L on Saturday. I figure I'll hear the news when I hear the news. I'm not interested in doing radiation at this point anyway, and that's the only thing my western doctors have to offer. 

On another note, it's a shame We had to move, if only for the fact that my garden is happily developing. Hope the next tenants love cucumbers...


  1. Don't be scared of the report Jess, you have dealt with worse and remember you have everyone behind you supporting and looking out for you. If you get bored of the sun pack up and come for a vacation in Scotland - that will cool you down ha ha!

    Big hugs

  2. Would happily meet you if you come to SF. We moved in April - one of many over the last several years - I feel you! Wishing you the best news.


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