Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Friday Harbor 4th

For those of you around here, you're well aware of the 80-90 degree heat we've been enjoying. It makes for spotty sleep (Seattle builders aren't keen on AC), but my bones are in heaven. Although the inside of our place is an oven (poor airflow at night), oddly, it has caused me to become crafty and curious - it's too hot to sit. Not caring that I have little to no experience I hemmed address, fixed a hole in another dress, and added straps to a third. I also have my sprout condo in full effect (I can grow three large layers of the guys at once - it's a true farm). Finally, this morning I tried my hand at sun cooking tea bags - or whatever it's called. Iced green tea is my favorite beverage treat (other than wine of course). Sunning the tea is fun to watch, not like watching painy dry. (I mean, come on, it's in the sun - what's not to like?)

This week has already been fabulous, for many reasons; the sunshine, my health, my ketone/glucose (I hit 6.9 ketones one day!) - jeez, what's not to like! Soon, we will be headed up to Friday Harbor for the 4th of July. To head home to my favorite place in the world, to laugh and boat and walk and BBQ, hang with family and friends, I truly can not ask for a better gift.

When I head north toward Anacortes, as soon as we set the car to cruise control we get goofy, we car dance, and our stress melts away. And each time we go, we run into old friends, hordes and hordes of them, and we share hugs, and stories, and my soul fills with gratitude and giddiness. I am so grateful to be an island girl! 

This week is just going to be fabulous, full of love, laughter, and of course some serious shenanigans. Being amongst some of our closest friends and family will rejuvenate our souls in a way we have needed in a big way. San Juan Island is my safe place, my cocoon. 

I just can't wait!!


  1. You are so positive, I love it! I think it encourages all of us to be happy in each day. Nothing better than going home, and collecting love and memories to take back to Seattle and savor until the next trip back, and then collect more all over again. Life really is about the happiness we make for ourselves. When we surround ourselves with those who love us, magic happens! Be prepared for some magic this weekend, and soak it up!!! xxoo

  2. "So Cal" PattiJuly 3, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    Jess- Hope that you have a wonderful 4th at my favorite place-Friday Harbor! I still have many fond memories of that island as a little girl! I have had many health problems this year so have not been on the internet much, but I love you and think of you everyday and still send blessings your way!!! Love, So Cal Patti

  3. I'm so happy you'll get to be on San Juan Island for the 4th!!! It is idyllic and I miss it so much! Enjoy!!!!

  4. Oh I'm so jealous! Its supposed to be summer in Scotland but off course its raining as usual! Life is so much better when the sun shines. Have a wonderful time. Lynda xxo


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