Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2nd Annual Cherry Fundraiser

Oh my goodness, I am exhausted. Best week everrrr. Of course, I have a habit of saying things are the best ever, or that's the nicest person in the world. Or, I'll meet someone once, then in the future I'll refer to them as my friend. Lots of friends laugh at that, but maybe it's an island thing? We're like family, and that is just how I was raised. I'm still working on not making friends with everyone I meet on the metro bus (it scares the bejesus out of Dan and my parents).

So, on to some very exciting news...it is time for our annual cherry fundraiser. This year our clan has been so exhausted with all of the NYC, NC, and other travel/research/life that we just don't have the energy to tackle the Seattle and Roche Harbor cherry booth sales, or the individual sales. Luckily for us, Kings Market and Market Place in Friday Harbor were interested in purchasing cherries from us. So yesterday, my father stopped by Stemilt Growers in Wenatchee and they loaded up boxes and boxes of freshly picked cherries. My dad continued on over to Anacortes to catch the ferry to FH, he unloaded cherries with help from KM & MP, hugged my buddy Libbey, then Dad caught the next boat off the island and drove all the way home to Wenatchee. Talk about an amazing father!!! I am so thankful to Libbey Oswald and John McBride for buying cherries, it is such a treat for us to be able to sell a large load of cherries.

So, starting today there are cherries at Market Place and Kings Market. Please, if you stop by either store and buy some cherries, think of me and know how grateful I am for the help - just smile and know that I'm smiling and wishing I could hug you. The island is integral to who I am. It's my Disneyland, my heaven on earth, my sanctuary and where I find solace. Thank you for loving me, raising me, growing with me, sharing memories, for teaching me, for all of the amazing friends and of course for giving me my wonderful husband (thank you Linda!). Thank you Friday Harbor, I love you.

I'm still very exhausted from my amazing trip to Friday Harbor, so please forgive my lack of email responses and such. By Saturday morning I was so exhausted that I slept most of the day, and evening. It was such a bummer too, I missed out of sailing and kayaking. It's tricky though, as I get tired my right hand, arm and leg stop working, they become dead weight. 

I've gotten pretty great about hiding it (if I do say so myself), but it always scares me. The only thing to do at times like that is to lay down, even if I don't sleep. And, as you can imagine, my tumor problems are not conducive for kayaking :) I bowed out of the activity, not needing to explain which was nice. I don't like to dwell on the issues, not wanting to make it a bigger deal. I'm just excited to get invited, and I'll bet if I really wanted to go the girls would have found a way to figure out a Houdini solution. It's tricky because I don't want to have friends not invite me because I have cancer and am unable to participate at times. My true friends have not batted an eye about my limitations, always wanting me around, knowing there's always a way to work it out, and it feels really good. Yes, I have cancer, yes, I'm also human and want to do everything everyone else does. I don't even mind bowing out, I just adore my friends for including me, then also understanding when I'm too tired. They make me feel very loved.

By Sunday morning my right eyelid had joined my rogue right hand, arm, and leg. It almost looked like my eye was melting. Thankfully it is sunglasses season! And if I need to take the sunglasses off I just cock my face, or left eyebrow. There's always a way to trick people. I'm becoming a master of disguise :) or of disguising my ailments anyway. The eyelid is slowly getting better, and I'm sure once I'm rested I'll be back to new in no time! My next MRI is on the 20th of this month so we will see what's going on in my brain soon enough. For now, I'll rest.

Here's a few random photos of the trip...

I wish I would have taken more pictures. At the time, I'm always having so much fun that I don't think about it, but I've got to just make it a priority. Looking at them always makes me smile :)


  1. You make me smile.

  2. Hi Jessica, Love to read your blog. We bought some cherries today and I have to say that they were (notice I said 'where') delicious. Have to go back and get more. Keep on smiling (and writing).

  3. You are priceless and I am so thankful to know of you and to have finally met you face to face! You are just as adorable, genuine and charming as you are on your blog. Big hugs my friend!! I am always in your corner!


  4. Hello stranger - I love cherries if only you could send some to Scotland! So glad you had a lovely time and you sound so positive its done you a world of good! Keep positive!

    Thinking if you always - your wee pal in Scotland.

  5. Hi Jess, We make a great pair since it's my left side that doesn't work when tired. Anyway, one of those things only brain tumor veterans understand I think. Rest up, you have great days ahead. Your friend, Jess


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