Monday, June 11, 2012

Just The Facts

Sorry I've been MIA (I love you SoCal - I'll call soon!). Between the IVs, the homemade sulforaphane pills 6-8 times a day, researching the top experts on high dose IVs and dendritic cell therapy clinics, trying to keep up with exercise, corresponding with clinicians, and experts - like my friends who have beaten their brain cancer, etc., my head ends up spinning, and by the end of the day I fall into bed late at night, exhausted. Some days, like Thursday, I'll lose the fight with discomfort after hours of restless sleep, run to the bathroom and lose the homemade sulforaphane pills from both orifices. Yep, I know, it's disgusting, but sometimes it happens. The amount of pills that I'm ingesting, are very tough on my body.

I have a lot to say, and wish I had the energy and time to do a post every day, but I keep finding myself needing to research my current protocols to verify that I'm getting the proper treatment. I have to double check the reputations of my doctors, and the validity of their recommendations. I don't trust other people to have my best interest at heart - medical professionals anyway. I've been burned already, and I have to make sure that I'm getting the treatments that I'm paying for. Long story.

I am completely overwhelmed trying to verify things that I'm using in my protocol. For example, there is an internet article stating that high dose vitamin C can spread astrocytomas. I can't find the research to back it up though. In fact, I've found a researcher from Kansas University Medical Center who seems to be the leading expert on the subject and has the complete opposite opinion - with facts to back it up. She uses high dose vitamin C on all of her cancer patients, even when they're going through chemo or radiation. She has the research and facts to prove that it causes hydrogen peroxide, a pro-oxidant as apposed to an antioxidant which occurs in a low dose of vitamin C. Hydrogen peroxide in the brain alkalizes the tissues making the environment inhospitable - cancer hates oxygen, that's why exercise, meditation, and deep breathing are so beneficial). Anyway, everything is incredibly complicated, and I've learned quite a lot, but I still have so much to learn. The more that I find, the more that I have to research. For example, it's not good enough to just take 75 grams of high dose vitamin C, you also have to figure out what's being mixed in the solution, you need to know how long it takes to administer (you want it to take a certain amount of time, the faster it goes in the higher the dose it becomes or something like that - it's all about the number of drips per second). Anyway, it's incredibly over my head and I need to figure it out to make sure that I'm following the protocol that Dr Drisko uses. She's the KU genius curing cancers with this stuff. I want what the genius recommends. Duh :)

As for my curcumin IV, according to some friends who understand how to calculate body weight, and the amount in my IV bag, my brain is only getting 1 micromole. For this therapy to be effective I need to be getting much more than that, like ideally, 25 micromoles. So, now I need to talk to my doctor and see what the deal is. Are they trying to administer enough to get a good kill rate (as in, killing the cancer)? Are they being scientific or are they going by trial and error. It's frustrating. I have to double check all of their work. Sorry if I sound like a brat. I don't want to be a brat. I don't want to be difficult, and truthfully, I'm always nice to the doctors, but behind their backs I get exhausted and frustrated. I realize that they're all human and that they're doing what they think is best, but the problem is that they don't seem to be following proven science. They're going more by intuition, which I realize has a place in medicine, but I need facts. I want to copy people who have already beaten their cancer. If it takes 25 micromoles to effectively kill astrocytomas in my brain, I want 25 micromoles. It would be horrible if I was paying an arm and a leg, and then my knees and teeth, thinking that my treatment is killing little Hermie, when actually he is thriving. We have to be relentless about every aspect of these treatments, and research the crap out of them.

On a much more fun note, check out the card that my blog buddy Ann sent. Totally awesome!! Thank you Ann, for the card, thank you for purchasing Hope, and for giving ME hope. I appreciate it so very much!!

Fighting cancer is incredibly exhausting, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Although I'm pretty pooped, I believe that the energy that I'm expending is giving me great results. I have to pick between various things, it's a balance, because I can't do everything. I can't accomplish it all, but I know I'm headed in the right direction.


  1. "So Cal" PattiJune 11, 2012 at 8:50 PM

    So Cal loves you too Jess and I am relieved to see you on here! I know how busy you are- it is like working a 24 hour a day job for you to figure out all these treatments and to take them! Just wanted to know that you are OK! Loved our talk and will look forward to the next one! Just keep as positive as you can and keep focusing on the main goal here- KICKING HERMIE'S YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!! HA!

  2. Sooo happy the card brought a smile to your face...and equally happy to have any part of supporting your valiant winning battle!!! Looking forward to the "all clear" party where we can high-five in person!
    Your fan,


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