Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Armouring UP

This photo makes me laugh. I was trying to hand over my phone to Danny so that he could take a photo of Mount Rainier. It sums up my life at this point, completely sideways.

I have been exhausted, spinning around in circles, trying to take care of my body, rallying the troops against Hermie. I'm in a regrouping mode. Last week, I realized through further research, that I've been incorrectly doing the whole artemisinin protocol. Apparently, cancer cells do most of their reproduction during the night. The highest cell division between midnight and 1:00 am. My researcher who told me to stop eating after dinner, and walk in the evenings for a few hours before pills, never said a time to stop eating. He just said, refrain from eating for 3-4 hours after dinner, then take your pills and go to bed. So, being the old soul that I am. I decided to stop eating by 4:30 at the latest so that I could get to bed early. I like to be tucked into bed by 8:30 pm. Well, guess what, I've been sabotaging myself. The point of this low dose is to ingest the pills between 10:00 - 11:00 pm so that the artemisinin is at its most effective state during the replication of the cells (12:00-1:00 pm) - that's when the cancer cells are most vulnerable. The artemisinin has a half life of about 3-4 hours, so there was still SOME artemisinin getting through, but the doses would be incredibly low and quickly tapering off. Damn it! I'm always effing up things. Usually, when it's not life threatening stuff (like when I put my foot in my mouth), it's hilarious. But in times like this, I just have to roll my eyes, and cringe. I guess it's fitting that my mother's nickname for me is, our little Miss Brooks, from the old TV show. Miss Brooks was always "accidentally" getting into trouble, biting off more than she could chew - or trying to get one outcome and instead having it backfire.

So, my life is upside down ever since last Thursday when we realized that my early-to-bed routine was completely killing the successfulness of the artemisinin. It's nice to know that we can tweak things to make it more effective, but now, I'm completely exhausted. I've been walking for two hours from 8:00 - 10:00 pm every night with Danny, or with girl friends, and then I take my pills and head to bed, finally tucking in at about 11:00 pm.

My plan is to continue this schedule until next week when I can start the chemo drink. I want to keep fighting every single day, giving Hermie no breaks. My sleep is definitely hurting, but I know that I can push through for one more week. Once I get off my sleep pattern it's even harder to get rested, I can't seem to nap or sleep in, but I think this is worth it. I'm giving him a full frontal attack! Down with Hermie!!

I'm still on my whole foods diet, and I've been supplementing with borage seed oil (proven to attack astrocytomas), shark liver oil (immune stimulant), fish oil (helps heal the myelin sheath of healthy cells, increasing neurotransmission), maitake mushroom (proven to attack astrocytomas), shiitake mushroom (immune stimulant), lions mane (immune stimulant), vitamin C 500mg (antioxidant), and Vitamin E 400 IU (antioxidant). All supplements are taken in the morning, and then I'm taking the low doses of artemisinin late at night. On a side note, did you know that tumors can not use fat for fuel? That doesn't mean that I should go out and eat a chunk of lard, but it does make me happy to think about my fat supplements (borage seed, shark liver, fish, flax seed, etc.), all of those healthy fats are helping my body regenerate healthy cells, stimulate my immune system, and rejuvenating my body. That's exciting!!

All in all, the diet is working just fine. I'm happy with what I'm eating. It's lots of veggies, some lean meats like seafood, and then little bits of fruits, nuts, healthy fats and some whole grains. When I have a sweet tooth, I slice up a fuji and powder it with obscene amounts of cinnamon (which helps stabilize blood glucose levels). I'm enjoying my time before the chemo drink because I know that it's going to effect my taste buds and appetite. For now, I just get to enjoy my happy, healthy state. I'm mentally preparing for serious battle, putting on all of the armour (exercise, diet, artemisinin, supplements, breathing, etc.), so that I can come out a victorious warrior during the MRI on July 19th.

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  1. Honey, 'Miss Brooks' is a very fitting nickname for you. Really, it is. Your contagious laughter and wit is so like Eve Arden on the show. You are too young to know the show, but 'Miss Brooks' was really, really funny. Just like you.

    You are my beautiful gem and I love you.
    su mamasita


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