Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hard Work & Healthy Distractions

Danny is going to kill me. I was supposed to tell my friends at the retirement home that I need to take a couple of weeks off from volunteering. Dan's worried that I'm overdoing it, and he wants me to focus on getting healthy. He believes that I need to focus solely on my new protocol, but while I was painting Margaret, Elizabeth, and Ruth's nails, I realized I just can't walk away. These wonderful women are so fun to be around. They keep me laughing, or at other times, we're just quiet. Volunteering feels like the only time that I'm not focusing on just me. It's wonderful helping someone with their walker, or opening a door. I love serving them juice, or painting their nails. They give me a reason to get out of the house every Tuesday morning, whether it's sunny or pouring rain. I'm afraid, that if I can't volunteer, I'll get depressed. I'm pretty terrified these days, and I need distractions. I need to help others. I need my life to not be just about me.

Yesterday was my first high dose vitamin C treatment. On Thursday, I'll return for IV curcumin and resveratrol. I'm going to be alternating those two IVs twice a week for quite some time. Unfortunately, the treatments are not covered by insurance. So, thank you to everyone who has donated money to help heal me! Thank you to Matt & AJ for Movember For Jess, and to those who have donated to the Islanders Bank account in Friday Harbor. Of course, thank you for the girls who created, and maintained the Hope for Jess website of my art work. Thank you to everyone who donated to any of the above fundraisers. You guys are AWESOME!! When it comes to medical care, hospitals are wonderful about payment plans, if need be, but when it comes to "alternative" medicine, you have to pay upfront. So, the money that has been donated to me in the past, has been incredibly helpful. I've used some to pay current medical bills, but then I got smart, and realized I needed to bank the donations for any kind of uncovered care. Because of your amazing donations, I'm getting full body, synergistic care that is not only healing my body, but also, directly targeting my cancer cells with a barrage of weapons. So, truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Apparently, the high dose vitamin C, curcumin, and resveratrol IVs are synergistic with my low doses of artemisinin. They should all work together, along with my diet and supplements which have grown exponentially (shark liver oil, borage seed oil, fish oil, maitake, shiitake, lions mane, aloe vera jelly, boswellia, CoQ10, EGCG, D3 - I'm probably forgetting a couple) - and last but not least, it should all work with the sulforaphane chemo drink. I haven't been able to get started on the chemo drink, yet, unfortunately. I've ordered a yogurt maker, which should cook my chemo drink at exactly 100-110 degrees for several hours. It even has little cups, that sit on a tray. I'm pretty excited about it - the little cups on the tray will make it so that I can do a week's worth of drinks in one batch. Woop woop!! The shipment should arrive by the end of the week. Once that arrives, Hermie is going to FREAK. I'm pumped!!

Well.....I, mean, I'm pumped, and completely terrified. It's tough to keep my chin up and plow through everything, but I know that giving up would be ridiculous. I need to stay calm, ignore statistics about my cancer and effectiveness of the various treatments (30% success rate for one, 20% for another, etc.). I have to believe that these things that I'm doing are going to work together and heal my body. To put this much effort into living is risky because I would hate to be disappointed, but, of course, that's a horrible attitude to have. It's just not acceptable. That's not a winner's attitude. Maybe I need to do more deep breathing or something. Part of it could be that I feel disjointed from Hermie lately, I can't quite tell what's happening up there. I worry that he's morphing, which does tend to happen. Cancer cells don't like to die, and when they come into contact with things that threaten their livelihood, they like to adjust, change their dynamics and progress, so that the treatments are rendered ineffective. To outsmart the Hermies of this world, we have to keep the full frontal attack. It's exhausting, but it's the only way to win.


  1. Hi, again. I've posted before on Grape Seed Extract (GSE) and recent studies on it stopping tumor growth by blocking the growth of new blood vessels in the tumor. PLEASE research this. I have started taking it hoping and praying it will stop the growth OR MAYBE EVEN SHRINK the several meningiomas I have on my brain. Look for any brand of GSE that has Activin(R) on the label. That is the brand that was used in many of the studies because of it's purity. I have been reading about it for several weeks now and started taking it about 2 weeks ago. I take 375mg a day. There have been no reported side effects. I DO NOT SELL ANY PRODUCTS. You can email me mmyers@scottsboro.org if you want me to fill you in on what all else I know about GSE.

  2. Jess is battling more than most of us will have to deal with in a lifetime, but still she finds time and effort to do so much for others. When Jess was asked if she would be willing to enter an item for an auction to raise funds for children in foster care, she generously donated one of her paintings, "Hope". Her painting helped raise quite a bit of money for the children, and now in return we hope to raise some much-needed funds for her medical expenses. Please purchase a piece of "Hope" created by Jess.
    Each canvas/print will have an original signature from Jess and 100% of the money is donated to Jess (even the shipping). Xoxo, Hope for Jess http://www.etsy.com/shop/hopeforjess


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