Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meal Planning

Success. There's a billion birds at my feeder!!! Whoo hoo!! They are so cute, and so little. It's fantastic! Bingie was drooling and talking up a storm, we were both very excited.

Thanks for the encouraging words on the last post. I appreciate the support. Dan and I realize that this is very difficult. We're trying to navigate this journey with tenacity, but sometimes it's important to allow mistakes. The whole thing is tough though. I'm not really in a position to eat a normal diet. If I want to live, I need to eat better than anyone else. I need to fuel my body with cancer fighting foods and supplements, along with avoiding cancer feeding foods. It's impossible to be good all of the time, and it's hard not to hate yourself for your mistakes. The mistakes taste so good, too. That makes it even harder.

Dan and I are trying a new technique this week. We'll see how it goes. It's a combination of suggestions from friends. We're doing meal plans Monday-Wednesday. Thursday will be a bit more difficult because of the sulforaphane drink (which I'm thinking about doing on Fridays as well). On sulforaphane days I tend to not be that hungry. Saturdays are normal days when we can eat a more relaxed diet. Sundays are back to high antioxidant foods. So, it will look something like this:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (limited antioxidants): 

Oatmeal or toast with almond butter

Tuna (with or without bread) or almond butter sandwich

Salmon or other fish or shellfish
broccoli or asparagus or brussels sprouts
quinoa or brown rice

Thursday/Friday: Whatever fruits or vegetables I want....YUM!!! Salads, slaws, whole grains, nuts, seeds, seafood...curcumin, raw garlic, onions, cayanne pepper, broccoli tea, green tea, oh the pleasures of the simple things. On Monday-Wednesday I find myself craving tea and blueberries. It's so funny that blueberries, apples and green tea fill my thoughts constantly when I can't have them.

Saturday: Same as Thursday/Friday but I can add diary, or wine, or whatever else to my meals

Saturday: Same as Thursday/Friday

I'm going to try this schedule out and see if it helps me mentally prepare for each phase. I might get more in depth with my planning, we'll see. I've never been that good with meal planning.


  1. It's got to be tough, but you're doing amazingly well with all the meal planning. Look, even the birds are enjoying how you've planned their meals. xoxoxo

  2. "So Cal" PattiFebruary 21, 2012 at 4:38 PM

    I always enjoy your recipes and pictures and am also going to follow your daily meal planning ideas. I am am enjoying the egg on wheat bread with tumeric that you suggested in the past. I tend to gravite to salt and sugar which is not healthy! Love that your birds have arrived!


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